Rate Cards


Track Magazine Advertising

1/8 page $250/year
1/4 page $450/year
1/2 page $800/year
Full Page $1,500/year
Feature Page $1,600/year
2-Color Page $1,750/year
Back Cover $2,500/year

Trackside Presentations

Trackside presentations to five feature winners include sponsors product/apparel. Also includes program articles, pictures, program lucky number prizes, moving message board mentions and four (4) general grandstand admissions.


Skytower Suite (20 seats)

Regular Event $340
Special Event  $440 
National Event  $640 

Rulebook Advertising

1/2 Page $150/year
Full Page $225/year

Season Passes

Adult $210
Child (10-16) $105
Senior Citizen (over 62) $105


Grandstand Bleacher $650/year - rental 4'x16'
Infield Display $850/year - rental 4'x16'
Trackside Display $2,500/year - rental 8'x16', 2 sided, lighted
Preparation and Installation additional

Purse Sponsorships (based on 25 positions)

Lake Pro Model Stock
30 laps 
Pro Modified
25 laps 
Pro Trucker
25 laps 
15 laps 
75 laps

Kendall Korral

Grandstand display area - 5,000sp. feet, located behind main grandstand sections. Announcements and ten (10) general grandstand admission tickets. $350 

Website Links

6 Month Exposure - ads run on website home page with link on sponsor page. Maximum exposure. $500

Trophy & Plaque Presentations

Trophy and plaque presentations to regular event winners. Includes program articles, announcements, pictures, message board mentions and four (4) general grandstand admission tickets  $375

PA Announcements / Message Board

Five (5) P.A Announcements and Moving Message Board mentions throughout the evening.  $75

Program Inserts (Participating Sponsors)

Supplied by Speedway $95
Supplied by Sponsor $35
Must be received three (3) days prior


Featured Sponsor