Amy Catalano, Matt Welshans Top August 7th Winners List

August 08, 2010 at 1:56 PM

Amy Catalano of Ontario, NY drove to her first Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex win of the season on Saturday, August 7th, picking up the victory in the 40 lap main for the NASCAR Pro Modifieds at the Western New York oval, while Matt Welshans of Hamburg, NY made the most of his first Holland visit of 2010, as he was declared the winner of the Bank of Holland Charger 50 lap special.

In other Holland action, T.J. Johnson of South Wales, NY notched his fourth Late Models of Tomorrow victory of the summer, Dave Wollaber of North Tonawanda, NY took his second straight Holland win in the Casey's TQ Midget main, and Cory Gallagher of Tonawanda, NY scored the win for the visiting Dunn Tire Raceway Park Street Stocks. George Quintana of Eden, NY won his fifth 4-cylinder Hornet feature race in a thrilling finish, while Jason Adams of Glenwood, NY was victorious in the M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car main.

Although she has been running well at Holland in 2010, Amy Catalano had not had things come together for a victory in 2010 following her multiple win 2009 campaign. That changed on Saturday night, as she kept her PJ Radiator/Cam's Pizzeria mount at the point, keeping at bay points leader Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. to socre the win. Fiebelkorn maintained his points advantage with a second place finish, while George Skora III made his first Holland outing in his open-wheeled racer a successful visit with a third place finish.

Yellow fever plagued the early laps of the Bank of Holland Charger 50 lap special, as Rob Miszczak led the early stages of the event from the pole position. Miszczak would eventually fade and gave up the lead to multi-time feature winners Dave Krawczyk and Zach Myers. Krawczyk and Myers would battle it out for the top slot before Krawczyk pulled away in the late going to cross the line first, with Myers trailing. However, things changed after the post-race tech inspection, as both the Krawczyk and Myers entries were deemed not up to specs. Matt Welshans, who had been sitting out the 2010 season until this past weekend, had run a steady race, keeping his Malcom Pirnie/Bev Welshans Coding Consultants Monte Carlo in the top five throughout, and crossed the line in third, which put him in the position to be declared the victor following the disqualifications. Twenty-one cars started the event.

T.J. Johnson fended off a challenge from Eldon King III to drive his Trank Real Estate and Insurance Monte Carlo to the 25 lap Late Models of Tomorrow win. King would settle for second, with Nick Crassi placing third.

Dave Wollaber would be the point man in a successful night for the Vince Christiano-owned Englewood Collision team, as the team had three of the top four finishing positions in the 20 lap Casey's TQ Midget Series main. Wollaber would lead teammate Bobby Holmes at the checkers, with defending Series champ Justin Mapes taking third, and Sportsman Modified driver Andy Jankowiak making another guest appearance for the Christiano team, notching a fourth place finish.

Cory Gallagher drove his Gary's Auto Service ride to the Street Stock victory, leading Matt Druar across the line in the 20 lap event. Kris Hamman took third in the special event for the racers from Dunn Tire Raceway Park.

In the closest finish of the night, George Quintana came from the 25th starting spot in his Klispies Motorsports/Boston Deli Nissan to edge Jason Adams at the line at the checkers in the 30 lap feature race for the 4-cylinder Hornets. Dean Siminski, in just his second Holland visit of the season, placed third in the 29 car field, while Ashley Kirchberger finished fourth overall and was the first Queen Bee racer across the line.

Jason Adams would record a victory in the evening, however, as he scored the win in the 12-lap M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car main over Bob Marzec and Mike Eckam.

RESULTS SUMMARY – 8/7/2010 –

NASCAR PRO MODIFIEDS – 40 laps: 1. (started 7th) AMY CATALANO, 2. (9) Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr., 3. (10) George Skora III, 4. (3) Joe Evans, 5. (6) Kevin Miller, 6. (4) Tim Welshans, 7. (11) Frank Batista, Jr., 8. (2) Dick Kluth, 9. (8) Don King, 10. (5) Jeff Ruddy, 11. (1) Chuck Anderson.

Bank of Holland CHARGERS – 50 laps: 1. (started 5th) MATT WELSHANS, 2. (20) Kris Hamman, 3. (18) Cory Gallagher, 4. (13) Rich Carnes, 5. (2) Mark Harsch, 6. (14) Tim Northem, 7. (17) Bill Wise, 8. (8) Jim Loffredo, 9. (16) Matt Hoctor, 10. (21) Heather Weber, 11. (1) Rob Miszczak, 12. (11) Jason Dieter, 13. (15) Ryan Corso, 14. (19) Matt Druar, 15. (9) Mark Hoch, 16. (10) Ted Welshans, 17. (6) Al Grimmer, 18. (4) Mike Flaig, 19. (3) Nik Welshans. DQ: Dave Krawczyk (crossed line first – started 12th), Zach Myers (crossed line second – started 7th). Heat Race Winners: Jason Dieter, Dave Krawczyk.

LATE MODELS OF TOMORROW – 25 laps: 1. (started 7th) T.J.JOHNSON, 2. (8) Eldon King III, 3. (4) Nick Crassi, 4. (6) Mike Ticco, 5. (3) Sean Dolan, 6. (1) J.D. Roberts, 7. (2) Josh Hathaway, 8. (9) Jason Gwin, 9. (5) Brandon Glover.

Casey's TQ MIDGET Series – 20 laps: 1. DAVE WOLLABER, 2. Bobby Holmes, 3. Justin Mapes, 4. Andy Jankowiak, 5. Timex Morgan, 6. Wayne Turnbull, 7. Jim Fleischman, 8. Kent Turnbull, 9. Jonathon Reid, 10. Arik McGruder, 11. Charlie DiRosa, 12. Kyle Hutchinson, 13. Scott Kreutter, 14. Chad Heywood, 15. Gordon Steffan, 16. Ryan Hessler, 17. Camden Barber, 18. Hayden Newcomb, 19. Dean McConnaughey, 20. Eric Musto, 21. Owen Bednasz. Did Not Start: Nelson Rung. Heat Race Winners: Timex Morgan, Dave Wollaber.

Dunn Tire Raceway Park STREET STOCKS – 20 laps: 1. (started 2nd) CORY GALLAGHER, 2. (5) Matt Druar, 3. (8) Kris Hamman, 4. (3) Gary Bartella, 5. (7) Ed Nowak, 6. (1) Scott Mutka, 7. (4) Gary Denea, 8. (6) Heather Weber.

4-cylinder HORNETS – 30 laps: 1. GEORGE QUINTANA, 2. Jason Adams, 3. Dean Siminski, 4. (1st Queen Bee) Ashley Kirchberger, 5. Tony Carbone, 6. Jeff Szafraniec, 7. Tim Durfy, 8. Waylon Price, 9. Dylan Carbone, 10. Jammer Meuckl, 11. Bill Lutz, 12. Bob Marzec, 13. Eric Brown, 14. Ben Russo, 15. (2nd Queen Bee) Kim Skoney, 16. Jerry Toms, 17. Joe Mastrocicco III, 18. Kyle Skoney, 19. Jason Nellist, 20. Tim Powers, 21. Chris Foote, 22. Jake Croakman, 23. (3rd Queen Bee) Sylvia Miszczak, 24. (4th Queen Bee) Samantha Lutz, 25. Eric Marzec, 26. Kenny Hejna, 27. Butcher Palmer, 28. Mike Hossfeld, 29. John Blinston. Did Not Start: Dave Reese, Jr.

M&M U-Pull-it FIGURE 8 CARS – 12 laps: 1. JASON ADAMS, 2. Bob Marzec, 3. Mike Eckam, 4. Eric Marzec, 5. Kyle Skoney, 6. Dave Reese, Jr., 7. Scott Pastorius, 8. Jerry Toms, 9. Kim Skoney, 10. Joe Mastrocicco III.