Jankowiak and King Each Sweep Twin Features

September 04, 2011 at 9:32 AM

The Holland Motorsports Complex wrapped up the 2011 stock car season on Saturday evening, September 3rd, with a very full evening of competition. Andy Jankowiak of Tonawanda, NY swept both main events for the National Overhead Door NASCAR Pro Modifieds, while Eldon King III of Freedom, NY did likewise in the double Late Model features. Nik Welshans of West Falls, NY and Donnie Aquino of Arcade, NY each scored career first Bank of Holland Charger victories, while Dave Wollaber of North Tonawanda, NY captured the Casey’s TQ Midget Series main. Eric Brown of Holland notched his eighth 4-cylinder Hornet win of the year, while Bill Lutz of Buffalo, NY won his initial M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car race of the summer.

Season champions were crowned in each class - Amy Catalano of Ontario, NY edged Andy Jankowiak by just 2 points for her first Holland National Overhead Door NASCAR Pro Modified title, while Jim Loffredo of Orchard Park, NY earned his second career Bank of Holland championship by just a single marker over Kris Hamann. Eldon King III wrapped up his second Late Model title, while Eric Brown recorded his second career 4-cylinder Hornet crown. Jason Adams of East Aurora, NY took a first M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car title, and Camden Barber of Bliss, NY captured the Casey’s TQ Midget Holland points championship.

Going into the evening’s events, Amy Catalano, Andy Jankowiak, and Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. were separated by just 17 points for the top position, so the focus was on that trio throughout the night. In the 35 lap main event postponed from the previous Saturday, Fiebelkorn raced by Dave Johnson for the lead on the 4th circuit, as Kirk Totten and Jankowiak were working forward through the field, motoring by Johnson for second and third on lap 9. Totten and Jankowiak then battled for second, as Fiebelkorn was able to open up some ground over the pair. Jankowiak finally cleared Totten for second on the 16th go-round, and quickly began to close the gap on Fiebelkorn, getting a wheel underneath the leader on the 20th lap and completing the pass for the top slot on the next circuit. A caution flag for fluid on the track with seven to go closed the field - Jankowiak was able to hold off Fiebelkorn on the re-start to drive on for the win, but the late race yellow gave Amy Catalano a chance to get in the lead mix, and she managed to make a last lap pass on Totten for third, which would prove to be a very valuable pass in terms of championship implications.

In the 50 lap Budweiser double point championship run, Catalano squeezed under Don King for the lead on the 9th lap, but Fiebelkorn and Jankowiak were in pursuit, getting by King for second and third two laps later. Fiebelkorn and Jankowiak were occupying one anther with their battle for second though, giving Catalano a chance to open up a wide lead. Jankowiak finally cleared Fiebelkorn for the number two spot on lap 17, but was unable to make up much ground on Catalano. However, a lap 32 caution for debris in turn four gave Jankowiak the break he was looking for, and on the restart, he was able to power around Catalano to grab the lead and drive on to his second win of the night. Catalano needed to finish second to hang on to that tight points lead, and that she did, keeping ahead of Fiebelkorn and Totten over the closing laps. Totten and Fiebelkorn crossed the line side-by-side for third, with Totten claiming the spot.

Eldon King III had little trouble putting his D&H Excavating mount into victory lane in both features to lock up his Late Model crown. In the postponed 25 lap main for the previous Saturday, King raced by Nick Crassi on a lap 15 restart, and kept Crassi at bay to the checkered flag. Crassi was forced to forfeit his second place finish following post-race tech inspection, putting Mike Ticco into the number two spot.

In the 50 lap Budweiser double point finale, King made the winning pass by Brandon Glover on the tenth lap, then held on over a challenging Troy Williams through two late race restarts for the victory. Williams settled for second, with Ticco claiming third.

Nik Welshans finally joined his three brothers on the list of those of have won Bank of Holland Charger feature events over the years. Welshans pushed his Klispies Motorsports/Kulik Automotive Monte Carlo by Mark Harsch for the lead on the 13 lap of the 30 lap postponed feature from the previous Saturday. Once in front, Welshans was able to fend off all challengers, including a late race run by Kris Hamann, who was making an all out effort to snare the points crown. Hamann had to be content with a second place run, while Ted "Big Show" Welshans shared the podium with his younger brother with a third place finish.

In the 50 lap Budweiser double point championship run, all five championship contenders were part of the drama. Rich Carnes and Jerry Kosmwoski were battling for the lead and a chance at the title when they made contact on lap 21. This handed the top two spots to fellow contestants Jim Loffredo and Kris Hamann, and Hamann scooted underneath Loffredo for the lead on lap 23. Ted Welshans, the fifth contender, then entered the picture along with young Tommy Catalano. Welshans and Catalano were putting the pressure on Loffredo for second, while Hamann began to open up a lead. Catalano moved by Loffredo for second on lap 34, while Welshans was able to draw alongside Loffredo, but was unable to complete a pass. Welshans’ night would come to an early end on lap 43 when a hose burst on his ride, bringing out the yellow. A new name entered the mix on the restart, as Donnie Aquino, who started deep in the field, was now riding fourth, and only needed two laps to race his Colden Country Inn/Tadora’s Ristorant entry by Loffedo, Catalano, and Hamann to grab the lead and drive on to a first career feature win. Hamann would hang on for second, while Catalano claimed third. Loffredo faded in the late going to a sixth place finish.

Because of the incredibly tight nature of this title chase, point calculations were checked and double checked to determine the Charger champion - when all was said and done, Loffredo and Hamann were separated by just one point at the top, with Loffredo earning the honors.

Dave Wollaber wasted no time in the 20 lap feature race for the Casey’s TQ Midget Series, moving from his tenth starting spot to second in just three laps, then getting his Englewood Collision mount by Jonathon Reid for the lead a lap later. Wollaber then drove away to hold a substantial lead margin at the checkers of the caution-free event. Fifteen year old racer Owen Bednasz had another impressive outing, outgunning Andy Jankowiak for the number two slot, while Camden Barber locked up the Holland TQ Midget title with his fourth place race finish.

Eric Brown, Ben Russo, and Samantha Lutz were putting on the show in the 50 lap Budweiser double point championship for the 4-cylinder Hornets. Brown raced his Boston Deli/Bruce’s Automotive entry by Chris Powers for the lead on lap ten, but Russo and Lutz were on his tail. Russo took the lead from Brown on a lap 17 restart, but Brown was able to return the favor on a lap 25 restart. Lutz made an incredibly bold move on the 38th lap, going to the rim to squeeze around two lapped cars along with Russo and Brown to steal the lead. However, Brown was able to take advantage of a lap 44 restart to take the lead back from Lutz, and keep her at bay over the remaining laps to earn the victory and lock up the divisional title. Russo crossed the stripe in third.

After watching his daughter nearly win the Hornet race, Bill Lutz did one better by muscling his Dice Racing Team mount by Bob Marzec for the lead on the fifth lap of the 12 lap M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car go and drive on for the win. Marzec placed second, with Joe Mastroccico III taking third. Jason Adams was able to nurse an ailing car just long enough to claim fifth and edge Marzec by four points for the divisional title.

News and Notes

Ted Welshans had an eventful day in his efforts to try to take the Charger title - after his third place run in the first feature, he lost the power plant during his qualifying event - the Welshans crew then went to work swapping the engine from brother Tim’s car into Ted’s Malibu in time to start the 50 lap finale, only to have the cooling system issues late in the event ... Sean Dolan was a busy driver – he made his first open wheeled start, debuting his new Pro Modified in the 50 lap finale, while competing in both ends of the Late Model twin bill ... the Brandon Glover crew also had the pressure on, as extensive right side suspension repairs were needed after a wall banger in the first Late Model feature - Brandon was able to make it out for the 50 lap finale and garner a fourth place finish ... Charger racer Billy "The Beerman" Wise made his annual championship night donation courtesy of his Labatt sponsorship - a case of beer to the 50 lap Charger winner and a case to the Charger champion - Donnie Aquino and Jim Loffredo enjoyed their celebrations all the more with the contributions.

09/03/11 Results Summary:

National Overhead Door NASCAR PRO MODIFIEDS –– Postponed Event from 8/27/11 – 35 Laps: 1. ANDY JANKOWIAK (started 8th); 2. Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. (4); 3. Amy Catalano (9); 4. Kirk Totten (7); 5. Don King (5); 6. Jeff Ruddy (3); 7. Dave Johnson (2); 8. Joe Carbone (1); 9. Ken Heckler (10); 10. Dave Catalano (6). Did Not Start: Chuck Anderson. Qualifying Race Winners (from 8/27): Jeff Ruddy, Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr.

Budweiser Championship Race – 50 laps: 1. ANDY JANKOWIAK (started 5th); 2. Amy Catalano (6); 3. Kirk Totten (3); 4. Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. (4); 5. Don King (2); 6. Dave Catalano (8 ); 7. Jeff Ruddy (1); 8. Joe Carbone (9); 9. Ken Heckler (10); 10. Dave Johnson (7); 11. Sean Dolan (11). Qualifying Race Winners: Kirk Totten, Amy Catalano.
2011 Champion: Amy Catalano

LATE MODELS –– Postponed Event from 8/27/11 – 25 Laps: 1. ELDON KING III (started 7th); 2. Mike Ticco (10); 3.Alan Fisher (6); 4. Troy Williams (9); 5. Sean Dolan (3); 6. J.D. Roberts (5); 7. Josh Hathaway (1); 8. Gordon Trank (11); 9. Brandon Glover (2); 10. Jason Gwin (8 ). DQ: Nick Crassi (crossed line 2nd - started 4th). Did Not Start: Jorge Contrares Sanchez. Qualifying Race Winners (from 8/27): Eldon King III, Sean Dolan.

Budweiser Championship Race– 50 laps: 1. ELDON KING III (started 7th); 2. Troy Williams (10); 3. Mike Ticco (6); 4. Brandon Glover (3); 5. Alan Fisher (5); 6. Nick Crassi (9); 7. Sean Dolan (4); 8. J.D. Roberts (1); 9. Gordon Trank (11); 10. Josh Hathaway (2); 11. Jason Gwin (8 ). Qualifying Race Winners: Sean Dolan, Mike Ticco.
2011 Champion: Eldon King III

Bank of Holland CHARGERS –– Postponed Event from 8/27/11 – 30 Laps: 1. NIK WELSHANS (started 9th); 2. Kris Hamann (8 ); 3. Ted Welshans (11); 4. Tommy Catalano (10); 5. Donnie Aquino (15); 6. Mark Harsch (1); 7. Jim Loffredo (7); 8. Mike Weston (2); 9. Tim Northem (3); 10. Ben Harms (14); 11. Matt Welshans (4); 12. Jerry Kosmowski (12); 13. Rich Carnes (6); 14. Bill Wise (13); 15. Tim Welshans (5). Did Not Start: Eric Brown. Qualifying Race Winners (from 8/27): Rich Carnes, Tim Northem.

Budweiser Championship Race– 50 laps: 1. DONNIE AQUINO (started 15th); 2. Kris Hamann (3); 3. Tommy Catalano (13); 4. Joe Fetzer (12); 5. Nik Welshans (7); 6. Jim Loffredo (6); 7. Mark Harsch (11); 8. Mike Weston (14); 9. Matt Welshans (1); 10. Mike Flaig (9); 11. Bill Wise (17); 12. Jerry Kosmowski (4); 13. Rich Carnes (2); 14. Eric Brown (16); 15. Ted Welshans (5); 16. Tim Northem (8 ); 17. Al Grimmer (18); 18. Tom Northem (10). Did Not Start: Ben Harms, Tim Welshans, Jon Richeal, Ken Ryskiewicz. Qualifying Race Winners: Tom Northem, Donnie Aquino.
2011 Champion: Jim Loffredo

Casey’s TQ MIDGET SERIES –– 20 Laps: 1. DAVE WOLLABER (started 10th); 2. Owen Bednasz (6); 3. Andy Jankowiak (7); 4. Camden Barber (9); 5. Jonathon Reid (3); 6. Kyle Hutchinson (4); 7. Justin Mapes (8 ); 8. Hayden Newcomb (2); 9. Charlie DiRosa (13); 10. Wayne Turnbull (1); 11. Dean McConnaughey (5); 12. Eric Musto (12); 13. Nelson Rung (11); 14. Gordon Steffan (14). Did Not Start: Shawn Nye, Arik McGruder. Qualifying Race Winners: Owen Bednasz, Jonathon Reid.
2011 Holland Champion: Camden Barber

4-cyl. HORNETS –– Budweiser Championship Race – 50 Laps: 1. ERIC BROWN (started 8th); 2. Samantha Lutz (3); 3. Ben Russo (6); 4. Tony Carbone (7); 5. Ashley Kirchberger (5); 6. Chris Powers (4); 7. Jeff Szafraniec (10); 8. Lou Carbone (12); 9. Ryan Hessler (24); 10. John Blinston (14); 11. Jerry Toms (15); 12. Joe Mastrocicco III (17); 13. Tim Boyce (21); 14. Nikki Kirchberger (18); 15. Kyle Skoney (18); 16. Josh Carbone (22); 17. Jesse Baker (21); 18. Eric Marzec (19); 19. Bob Marzec (9); 20. Bill Lutz (11); 21. Waylon Price (13); 22. Dylan Carbone (1); 23. David Warrior (16); 24. Sylvia Miszczak (2). Qualifying Race Winners: Jesse Baker, Eric Brown.
2011 Champion: Eric Brown

M&M U-Pull-It FIGURE 8 CARS –– 12 Laps: 1. BILL LUTZ (started 3rd); 2. Bob Marzec (4); 3. Joe Mastrocicco III (8); 4. Kyle Skoney (7); 5. Jason Adams (5); 6. Waylon Price (10); 7. Jerry Toms (6); 8. Ryan Hessler (9); 9. David Warrior (1); 10. Mike Heitman (2). Did Not Start: Eric Marzec.
2011 Champion: Jason Adams