The "Real" Goodyear Story

August 31, 2011 at 9:30 AM

For 2011, the Speedway decided after much review to designate Goodyear as the tire for the Pro Modified division. By so doing, it acknowledged that it would be somewhat of an “island” with other Pro Modified tracks running the old Hoosier tire.

Why did the Speedway decide to go it alone?

  1. For three years the same tire had proved to be an outstanding success for the Late Model division. Time after time competitors in the Late Models applauded the money saved while the tires proved to be very competitive and long lasting. 
  2. The tire cost for the Pro Modifieds was greater. The Hoosier tire wore much quicker and did not repeat both increasing the cost of competition.
  3. Post-Season tire testing in 2010 indicated the tire was very acceptable for the Pro Modified divisions. 
  4. Extensive talks with Goodyear representatives assured the Speedway that the same tire to be used in 2011 would be the same as used by the Late Models for the three previously years. 

So what happened? The tires both for Late Model and Pro Modifieds failed to provide the same wear and repeatability as had been done in the past. Taking this situation directly to Goodyear, they acknowledged that there had been some undetermined change resulting in the additional wear.

Two weeks ago the head Goodyear Competition Representative for Short Track Racing was present and discussed the situation with all competitors. He provided suggestions for set up to accommodate the present tire. Those that followed the recommendation appeared to have been more successful.

Goodyear presently has the matter under review in an effort to determine what had changed from the previous tire. Goodyear understands the problem and is addressing it.

There have been rumors that the reason for the implementation of the Goodyear tire was based upon cost. The cost of the tire, both Goodyear and Hoosier tires, is very similar. If the Speedway wanted to maximize its income, it would have continued selling the Hoosier tire which increases the sales due to its wear.

Our intent is to establish rules which hopefully lessen the cost of competition. Tires are a variable cost of racing. With the assistance of Goodyear, we remain confident that once the problem has been resolved, the Goodyear tires will be a major benefit to the Pro Modified, Late Model and Charger divisions.

In the event you have any questions, we suggest you contact Scott Junod at Goodyear. He can be reached at 330-796-1928. You may also contact the Speedway office at 716-537-2272.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding.