Attention Competitors, please read...

April 27, 2012 at 1:24 PM

Please be aware of the following rule change:

Section 9 General Safety Specifications
13. Accessories: All racing divisions except Hornets and Figure 8’s must have a radio device (race receiver or scanner) accessible to UHF radio frequency 454.000. All inspections include compliance. One spotter per team allowed. Any video camera in a car must be approved by inspection. Driver must have radio to pick up the Tower frequency.

To purchase, please contact Gino from G2 Radios (609-876-9530). He is offering the Nitro Scan for $99 with earbuds and the RACEceiver 1600 Fusion retails for $99 plus $49 for earbuds.

Please contact the Speedway office with any questions at 716.418.7223.