Dave Catalano Wins Getzoni Nationwide Insurance 50

August 06, 2012 at 2:22 PM

august_4_-_catakano.jpgA sultry Saturday night welcomed the cars and stars to the Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex on Towne Automotive Night at the races with sponsorship from the Merritt Estates Winery and Gintzler Graphics. Ontario, NY driver Dave Catalano won his second straight Getzoni Nationwide Insurance NASCAR Pro Modified feature event. Freedom, NY pilot Eldon King III picked up his fourth victory of the season in the McClurg Auto Group Late Models. Kris Hamann from East Aurora, NY picked up his first victory of the season in the Bank of Holland Chargers. Dave Wollaber from North Tonawanda, NY held off Eric Musto to claim his third Casey’s TQ Midget feature event of the season. Tony Carbone of West Seneca, NY would lead from start to finish, picking up his first Hornet feature of the season while Kyle Skoney of West Seneca, NY would pick up his first career M&M U Pull It Figure 8 Car main.

Dave Johnson and Don King Jr would lead the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds to the green flag for their 50 lap special and it was third place starter Neal Dietz Jr would lead the field when the first lap was scored. Joe Carbone and Totten would come together on the back stretch to slow the field down. Johnson would be done for the night after suffering front end damage. On the restart it was Dietz showing the way with Mike Fiebelkorn Jr using the outside to get around fellow Eden resident George Skora III for third early on. Skora would pass Fiebelkorn back just two laps later. Current points leader and multi-time feature winner Andy Jankowiak would move up through the field as he cleared “Earthquake” Jake Vernon for fifth.

Skora would get around Owen Bednasz for second on lap number 12 as Fiebelkorn tried to follow suit. Fiebelkorn would pass Bednasz on lap 15 to take over third. Skora would reel in Dietz and tried the bottom side of the speedway to get around the former track champion. At the races halfway mark it continued to be Dietz and Skora showing the way with Fiebelkorn running in third as Jankowiak and Dave Catalano would run in the top five spots.

On lap thirty, Jankowiak would get around Fiebelkorn to take over third with Dave Catalano running right behind them. Owen Bednasz would loop his Wilson Crane Service number 21 in turn two. On the restart it would be Dietz still showing the way and Fiebelkorn would retake third from Jankowiak but the driver on the move was Dave Catalano. Catalano would get around Jankowiak and Fiebelkorn for the third spot. Jankowiak’s night would end on lap 40 as Jankowiak pummeled the turn three Armco barrier.

The ten lap dash saw Dietz and Skora leading the field to green and Dietz pulled away as Skora did not come up to speed. Joe Evans raced into second and made contact with Dietz, sending the Holland Southtown tire machine in turn three. The incident would slow down Dave Catalano and Owen Bednasz and that would put Mike Fiebelkorn Jr and Jake Vernon on the front row and it was Fiebelkorn out to the race lead with Catalano running in second with Vernon running in third. Bednasz’s strong run would come to an end on lap 48 after hitting the turn four Armco barrier. The green, white checkered finish saw Catalano taking over the lead with two laps remaining and held off Fiebelkorn for his second straight Holland victory.

Qualifying winner Josh Hathaway and JD Roberts would lead the McClurg Auto Group Late Models to the green flag and it was Hathaway out to the early race lead. Veteran Mike Ticco would take the lead on lap two from Hathaway and Ticco would lead for three circuits before defending track Champion Eldon King III took over the top spot. King would lead the rest of the distance to grab his fourth win of the season.

Ken Maltby and Tim Northem led the Bank of Holland Chargers to the green flag for their feature event and it was Northem out to the early race advantage. Current points leader Dave Wilson worked his way up from his third row starting position to take over the race lead from Northem on lap number nine. After an Eric Brown spin on the back stretch, Wilson took off away from the rest of the field and showed the way with Northem, last week’s feature winner and defending divisional Champion Jim Loffredo running in the top three. The yellow would come out for a second time on lap 17 as Mother Nature attempted to ruin the night and surprised us with a pop up shower. The race would resume after the brief shower with Loffredo taking over the lead on lap 18. Kris Hamann would also get around Wilson to take over the number two spot as Jerry Kosmowski would also get around Wilson for third. Hamann would try his luck going downstairs and the East Aurora pilot would take over the lead with five laps remaining. Hamann would hold off Loffredo for his first win of the season. Kosmowski would finish third and he was followed to the line by Wilson and Tim Northem.

Jim Fleischman and Nelson Rung led the field of TQ Midgets to the green flag for their 20 lap feature distance and it was fourth place starter Dean McConnaughy leading the opening lap around the tight Holland highbanks. The yellow lights came on for the first time on lap eight as Scott Gleed came to a stop in turns three and four. McConnaughy and qualifying winner Andy Nye led the field back to the green flag and it was Nye taking over the lead. Dave Wollaber moved up through the field and challenged the leader right as Nye went spinning in turn three to slow the field down for a second time at the races halfway point. On the restart, Wollaber would lead Eric Musto around the highbanks and Musto began chasing down Wollaber. Nelson Rung and Nye made contact on the front stretch setting up a two lap shootout to decide the winner and Musto would give it his all and Wollaber picked up the win by just a front nerf bar over Musto.

august_4.jpgGrant Hill and Justine Zink shared the front row for the Hornet 30 lap feature go and it was Hill leading at the line but it was Tony Carbone leading the first lap after starting in eighth on the grid. Cousin Louis Carbone started tenth and quickly worked his way through the field and was right behind his cousin Tony by the races 1/3rd mark. Last weeks feature winner Ben Russo started on the sixth row and was up to third and began to chase down the Dago Fast racing team. Russo went to the inside and tried getting around Carbone but was obsessed a stop and go penalty just passed the halfway mark of the feature event. Tony Carbone would lead the entire distance to pick up his first victory of the season.

Kyle Skoney and Joe Mastrocicco led the field of Figure 8s and it was Skoney leading the way on the opening circuit on the wild and wacky figure 8 course. Bill Lutz would try to get around Skoney but was unsuccessful as Skoney would pick up his first career M&M U Pull It Figure 8 feature.


The Dice Racing Team swept the Hornets qualifying heats for the fifth time this season as both Jeff Szafraniec and Ben Russo each won their qualifier, their fourth of the season. Jonathan Reid was unable to compete in the Harry Macy owned TQ Midget as he broke an axel during the last practice session of the evening. Josh Hathaway won his first career McClurg Auto Group Late Model qualifier.

Holland returns to action next Saturday night August 11th as it is Veterans Night. Free Admission for all veterans with proper ID. A full card of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series featuring the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds, McClurg Auto Group Late Models, Bank of Holland Chargers, M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s, nd the 4 Cylinder Hornets will be on the high banks plus the return of the competitive Cup Lites. Pit gates will swing open at 1:30 pm with practice getting underway at 2:00 pm ($20 per car and driver) while the grandstand gates will open at 4:45 pm. Qualifying will begin promptly at 5:00 pm while NASCAR feature action will be underway at 7:05 pm.


Getzoni Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds: DAVE CATALANO (Started 10), Mike Fiebelkorn Jr (4), Joe Evans (12), Jake Vernon (11), Neal Dietz Jr (3), Tommy Catalano ( 8 ), Don King Jr (2), Owen Bednasz (5), George Skora III (9), Ed Schueler (13), Andy Jankowiak (6), Joe Carbone (7), Amy Catalano (14), Scott Stolzenburg (15) and Dave Johnson (1)
Qualifying Winner: Joe Evans, Jake Vernon

McClurg Auto Group Late Models: ELDON KING III (Started 7), Brandon Glover (5), Josh Hathaway (1), Nick Crassi (3), Mike Ticco (4), JD Roberts (2) and Jason Gwin (7) DNS: Corey Glover
Qualifying Winner: Josh Hathaway

Bank of Holland Chargers: KRIS HAMANN (Started 7), Jim Loffredo (9), Jerry Kosmowski (10), Dave Wilson Jr (6), Tim Northem (2) Jason Adams (5), Eric Brown (12), Rich Carnes ( 8 ), Ken Maltby (1), Don Sitarski (13), Shawn Lafferty (3), Marty Hughes (4), Donnie Aquino (11) DNS: Tom Northem
Qualifying Winners: Jerry Kosmowski, Shawn Lafferty

NASCAR Hornets: TONY CARBONE (Started 8) Louis Carbone (10), Jeff Szafraniec (11), Chris Powers (14) Ben Russo (12), Bob Marzec (5), Samantha Lutz (7), Bill Lutz (9), Timmy Swatsworth (4), Joe Mastrocicco III (3), John Blinston (6), Jennifer Termer (18), Waylon Price (13), Grant Hill (1), Justine Zink (2), Destiny Koningisor (17), Tim Boyce (15) and Cali Schueler (16)
Qualifying Winners: Jeff Szafraniec, Ben Russo

Casey’s TQ Midget Series: DAVE WOLLABER (Started 12), Eric Musto (6), Kyle Hutchinson (11), Shawn Nye (16), Bobby Holmes (13), Dean McConnaughy (4), Hayden Newcomb (9), Camden Barber (10), Jonathan Reid (20), Jim Fleischman (1), Vinnie Christiano Jr ( 8 ), Arik McGruder (18), Cody Mullno (14), Chad Heywood (21), Charlie DiRosa (15), Nelson Rung (2), Gordie Steffan (22), Owen Bednasz (17), Scott Gleed (19), Andy Nye (5), Ryan Hessler (7) DNS: Andy Jankowiak
Qualifying Winners: Dean McConnaughy, Andy Nye

M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s: KYLE SKONEY (Started 1), Bill Lutz (3), Jason Adams (5), Bob Marzec (6), Joe Mastrocicco III (2)and Butcher Palmer (4) DNS: Dale McCool