Dunn Tire Summer Slam

June 01, 2012 at 1:42 PM

LANCASTER, N.Y. (June 1, 2012) – Once in awhile, the local short tracks of WNY can work together to accommodate each other’s drivers and fans.

For the events scheduled at Holland Motorsports Complex on Saturday, June 2, their events include the Pro Modifieds. That same division is eligible to run in Dunn Tire Raceway Park’s Sportsman Summer Slam 100 lapper, $2000 to win, on the same night.

Tim Bennett, General Manager of Holland, and Tim Packman, President of Stock Car Operations at DTRP, made an agreement that could help both tracks for tomorrow night’s events and in the future.

“I’m going to move our Pro Modifieds up in the running schedule for this Saturday night’s race,” Bennett said. “That way, if any of our teams want to run their race here and head up to Dunn Tire, they will now have the opportunity. Our feature event is a 50-lap race for the Late Models this Saturday, so this makes the move possible.”

In turn, Packman will keep the previously-listed events of July 14 the same as they already are on the Dunn Tire Raceway Park schedule. This means the Sportsman will have an off-night, as already scheduled, to make them available to run the Decker Memorial at Holland in July.

“Some of our Sportsman teams expressed an interest in running our track on July 14,” Packman said. “I already made an agreement with Tim Bennett in the off-season and I want to honor what we discussed. I understand his position with his NASCAR sanctioning and having to run so many events for his premier divisions; like the Pro Modifieds. “This now allows one or two teams to make it up in time for the Summer Slam and we welcome them for the event.”