Holland Winners List for August 11

August 13, 2012 at 2:27 PM

Murray Brothers Nurseries and VSP Marketing Group presented the August 11 racing program at the Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex on a cool Saturday evening. Holland, NY driver and former multi-time track champion Neal Dietz Jr would pick up his first checkered flag in several seasons after winning the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance NASCAR Pro Modified feature event. Freedom, NY driver and 2011 McClurg Auto Group Late Model Champion Eldon King III won his fifth feature of the season. East Aurora, NY driver Kris Hamann won his second straight Bank of Holland Charger feature main. Buffalo’s Jeff Szafraniec won his divisional high fifth Glenwood, NY driver and defending M&M U Pull It Figure 8 Champion Jason Adams won his third victory of the season while Orchard Park, NY resident Patrick Emerling had an off night from his busy Whelen Modified Tour schedule and picked up the victory for the visiting Cup Lite Series.

Dave Johnson and Joe Carbone led the field of Getzoni Nationwide Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds to the green flag for their feature event and it was Johnson out to the early race lead. Owen Bednasz went three wide with Carbone and Amy Catalano to take over second on lap three. Tommy “the Rocket” Catalano got loose off of turn two and had contact with the wall and collected his father in the process.

On the restart it was Bednasz taking over the lead from Johnson. Carbone sat in third while being chassed by Amy Catalano and current point’s leader Andy Jankowiak. “Earthquake” Jake Vernon would loop his 27 machine in turn four while fighting for a top five spot on lap 12.

On the restart, Joe Carbone took over the lead from Bednasz. Amy Catalano would get around Bednasz for second as Andy Jankowiak and Neal Dietz went side by side for third. With ten laps remaining, Amy would take over the race lead as Bobby Martin would loop his racer on the back stretch to slow the field down for the third time. The lap 21 restart saw Catalano showing the way with Dietz running in second and Dietz would go to the outside of Catalano to take over the lead on lap 24. The yellow lights would reappear on lap 28 as Owen Bednasz would spin in turn three and would get collected by Tommy Catalano. Both drivers were able to continue on racing the final two circuits.

The green-white-checkered shootout style restart would see Dietz and Andy Jankowiak on the front row and Dietz had the lead by a front nerf bar over Jankowiak and Dietz would pick up the checkered flag. Amy Catalano would finish in third with Joe Evans and Joe Carbone completing the top five. Both Jankowiak and Evans were found to be illegal in post race tech.

Qualifying event winner “Racer Nick” Nick Crassi and Josh Hathaway led the field of McClurg Auto Group Late Models to the green flag for their 20 lap feature event and it was Crassi out to the early lead. Crassi would continue to lead past the halfway mark and was looking strong all evening. The caution came out on lap 12 as JD Roberts spun on the back stretch to slow the field down for the first time. Eldon King III would pass Crassi on the restart and would hold off the Gowanda pilot to grab his fifth win of the season.

Ken Maltby and Rich Carnes brought the field of Bank of Holland Chargers to the green flag for their 30 lap feature and it was “the Mad Man” Marty Hughes leading the opening circuit. Last week’s feature winner Kris Hamann worked his way up to third from his eighth starting spot as well as two time divisional champion Jim Loffredo was running in second and began chasing down the Mad Man from his seventh starting position. The caution would come out on lap 14 as current points leader Dave Wilson Jr would loop his Wilson Crane Service number 21 in turn three.

On the restart it was Hughes continuing to show the way and Hamann worked underneath Hughes to take over the lead at the races halfway mark. Former track champion Jerry Kosmowski would battle defending Charger champ Jim Loffredo for third but was unsuccessful as Loffredo passed Hughes for second with six laps remaining. Hamann would hold off Loffredo to claim his second straight victory. Marty Hughes, Jerry Kosmowski and Jason Adams would complete the top five.

Grant Hill and Joe Mastrocicco III led the field of Hornets to the green flag for their 30 lap feature event and it was Mastrocicco out to the early race lead. Timmy Swatsworth started sixth on the grid and was up to second at the end of lap one. Last week’s feature winner Tony Carbone grabbed the lead away from Mastrocicco on lap number six. Jeff Szafraniec was in second and was being chassed by teammate Ben Russo and qualifying event winner Louis Carbone. Lap traffic became a factor early and as the leaders were working the lap traffic, Destiny Koningisor lost the handle of her racer and spun in front of the leaders to bring out the caution on lap number 10.On the restart it was Tony Carbone back into the lead while being chased by Szafraniec, Russo, Louis Carbone and qualifying event winner Chris Powers.

On lap 14, Szafraniec moved in front of Carbone for the top spot. Szafraniec used the bottom and worked through lap traffic to clear Carbone for good on lap 18. Mastrocicco would see his night come to an end after breaking the right front to slow the field down for the second time on lap 18. On the late race restart, Szafraniec pulled away and Louis Carbone got around his cousin Tony Carbone for second place. Ben Russo tried everything in his power to get around Louis Carbone for second and passed Carbone on the white flag lap.

Jeff Szafraniec would pull away and claim his division leading fifth checkered flag of the season. Russo would finish second and he was followed to the line by Louis Carbone, Tony Carbone and Chris Powers completing the top five.

Donald “Butcher” Palmer and defending divisional champion Jason Adams were on the front row for the feature for the M&M U Pull-It Figure 8s and it was Adams leading the field on to the figure 8 course for the first time. Bill Lutz would go after Bob Marzec for second place at the races halfway mark but Marzec pulled away from the “Dice Man”. Bob Marzec would reel in Adams as the leader was working lap traffic but Adams would lead from start to finish to pick up the victory. For the 2011 track champion, it was his

Patrick Emerling and third generation driver Camden Barber led the field of Cup Lites to the green flag for their feature event and it was Emerling out to the early race lead. Shane Riffel would work around Barber for second and would start to reel in Emerling. The Cup Lite veteran Riffel would go downstairs but the Whelen Modified Tour driver Emerling that would keep the lead. Riffel would clear Emerling but the famous movie line “rubbing’s racing” was used as Emerling and Riffel would make contact, resulting in Emerling back into the lead. Emerling would hold off Riffel to claim the victory for the visiting Cup Lite Series.


It was the second time this season that the Dagofast Racing team swept their qualifying events for the Hornets with Louis Carbone and Chris Powers picking up the checkered flag. It was a “mixed bag” of drivers competing in the Cup Lites on this night as Camden Barber, Dean McConnaughy and Patrick Emerling all made their first career start driving the three quarter sized racecars.

Holland returns to action next Saturday night August 18th as it is Drivers Appreciation Night. I-Evolve Technology Services presents an action packed evening of racing on the highbanks. An on track autograph session will take place at 6:00 pm following qualifying heats. It is also Chevy Night at the speedway and anyone that shows their registration to the Complex Ticket Office will receive $5 admission. A full card of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series featuring the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds, McClurg Auto Group Late Models, Bank of Holland Chargers, M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s, and the 4 Cylinder Hornets will be on the high banks plus the return of the competitive Cup Lites. Pit gates will swing open at 1:30 pm, open practice gets underway at 2:00 until 3:30 pm ($15 per car and driver) and regular practice begins at 4:00 pm. Grandstand gates will open at 4:45 pm, Qualifying will begin promptly at 5:00 pm while NASCAR feature action will be underway at 7:05 pm.


Getzoni Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds: NEAL DIETZ JR (Started 6), Amy Catalano (3), Joe Carbone (2), Don King (8th), Tommy Catalano (4), Dave Johnson (1), Owen Bednasz (5), Ed Schueler (11), Bobby Martin (12), Jake Vernon (7), David Catalano (13) DQ: Joe Evans (10), Andy Jankowiak (9)
Qualifying Winners: Andy Jankowiak, Neal Dietz Jr

McClurg Auto Group Late Models: ELDON KING III (5), Nick Crassi (1), John Salemi (7), Mike Ticco (4), Jason Gwin (8th), Mark Hoch (6), Josh Hathaway (2), JD Roberts (3)
Qualifying Winner: Nick Crassi

Bank of Holland Chargers: KRIS HAMANN (Started 8th), Jim Loffredo (7), Marty Hughes (4), Jerry Kosmowski (9), Jason Adams (5) Dave Wilson Jr (6), Shawn Lafferty (3), Ken Maltby (1), Jay Canonico (12), Anthony Kelley (13), Ted Welshans (10) and Eric Brown (11) DNS: Don Sitarski
Qualifying Winners: Dave Wilson Jr, Jim Loffredo

NASCAR Hornets: JEFF SZAFRANIEC (Started 14), Ben Russo (13), Louis Carbone (12), Tony Carbone (10), Chris Powers (15), Samantha Lutz (9), Bill Lutz (11), Bob Marzec (8th), Jennifer Termer (3), Timmy Swatsworth (6), John Blinston (7), Waylon Price (16), Destiny Koningisor (17), Jack Warrior Jr (5), Grant Hill (1), Justine Zink (4), Joe Mastrocicco III (2)
Qualifying Winners: Louis Carbone, Chris Powers

Cup Lites: PATRICK EMERLING (Started 1), Shane Riffel (5), Camden Barber (2), Mark Hoch (4), Dean McConnaughy (3)
Qualifying Winner: Patrick Emerling

M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s: JASON ADAMS (Started 1), Bob Marzec (4), Kyle Skoney (5), Jack Warrior Jr (6), Bill Lutz (3),Eric Rich (7), Butcher Palmer (2), DNS: Joe Mastrocicco III