Jankowiak Scores Second Straight Win on May 26th

May 27, 2012 at 1:39 PM

As the disco band Bay City Rollers said “Its Saturday Night” and racing returned to the hills of Holland for WNY Heroes Night. Full sunshine welcomed the fans to the Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex for the first Saturday night event of the 2012 season. Second generation driver Andy Jankowiak from Tonawanda, NY scored his second straight feature win in the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Pro Modifieds. Defending Track Champions Eldon King III from Freedom, NY and Jim Loffredo from Orchard Park, NY scored the wins in the McClurg Auto Group Late Models and the Bank of Holland Chargers respectively. Chris Powers from Orchard Park scored the win in the NASCAR 4 Cylinder Hornets while Bliss, NY competitor Camden Barber won the Casey’s TQ Midget main. Donald “Butcher” Palmer from Buffalo, NY won his first career M&M U Pull-It Figure 8 car feature and West Seneca, NY pilot Mark Hoch won the Cup Lite feature event.

The Getzoni Nationwide Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds took to the speedway with Jeff Ruddy and Joe Carbone leading the field to the green flag in their 30 lap feature event with Carbone taking the lead. Ruddy was running in second and was closely followed by second generation driver Joe Evans and heat winner Dave Catalano. Catalano looked inside of Evans for third but was passed to his outside by Opening Day feature winner Andy Jankowiak. The caution came out on lap eight for Ed Schueler spinning in his Rear End Specialists number 69 in turn four. On the restart it was Ruddy passing Carbone on lap nine to take over the lead. Jankowiak followed Ruddy on the top side to clear Carbone for second and Joe Evans and Jake Vernon went side by side for fourth.

The yellow caution lights would re-appear on lap 12 as Joe Evans and Don King Jr came together in turn four. On the restart it was Andy Jankowiak taking the lead away from Ruddy in his VSP Marketing Group, King Motorsports number 57. Jake Vernon passed Ruddy for second and Owen Bednasz passed Tommy Catalano for fourth as the cross flags were displayed meaning the race was half over.

Ruddy was holding off two rookies as Owen Bednasz and Tommy Catalano both moved up this season after racing in the TQ Midgets and Bank of Holland Chargers respectively. The Catalano family was battling for fifth as son Tommy was leading Dad Dave with five laps remaining. One lap later, Dave passed Tommy for fifth. No one was catching Andy J on this night as Jankowiak picked up his second win of the season. “Earthquake” Jake Vernon came home in second followed by Jeff Ruddy, Owen Bednasz and Dave Catalano completing the top five.

The McClurg Auto Group Late Models took the speedway for their 20 lap feature event and it was Josh Hathaway and JD Roberts on the front row and it was Hathaway leading the opening circuit. 2011 Track Champion Eldon King III driving his D&H Excavating number zero taking the lead away from Hathaway on lap number two. Last week’s feature winner Brandon Glover worked his way around Hathaway as did Mike Ticco. Once in front, King had a substantial lead as Ticco battled JD Roberts for most of the event for the third position. Eldon King III was able to drive away and pick up his first win of 2012. Brandon Glover came across the line in second and was followed to the line by Mike Ticco, JD Roberts and Corey Glover completing the top five.

The Bank of Holland Chargers took to the highbanks for their 30 lap feature event with Ben Harms and heat winner Shawn Lafferty on the front row with Harms leading the field in front of the grandstands for the first time on the opening circuit. Defending track Champion Jim Loffredo got around Harms for second on the second circuit and started his chase on race leader Lafferty. Heat winner Tom Northem was able to get around Harms to take over third place while 2010 Champion Zach Myers got around Rich Carnes for the fifth spot and began his assault of the front of the field.

With Lafferty leading, teammate Zach Myers was able to work around Jim Loffredo for third while Tom Northem was side by side with Lafferty leading and Northem got loose and lost the second spot on lap 13. The caution would come out just one lap later as Lafferty and Northem made contact and Lafferty ended up into the turn one wall. On the restart it was Myers and Loffredo leading the field as the two track champions lead Rich Carnes and 2011 Hornet Champion Eric Brown. Myers opened up a five car length lead over Loffredo with Brown, Carnes and Kris Hamann all doing battle for third place with 10 laps remaining.

Hamann continued his way towards the front as the UNOH student got around both Brown and Carnes to take over the third position. Jerry Kosmowski worked his way back from an early race spin to race his way into the top five as he passed Carnes with three laps remaining. Just one lap later, Kosmowski took over fourth from Eric Brown. Zach Myers who returned to racing this season after suffering an injury after the 2010 season crossed the line first to what appeared to be his first victory since August 28, 2010. However, Myers failed post race inspection so the win was credited to Jim Loffredo. Kris Hamann finished second and Jerry Kosmowski completed the top three.

The Casey’s Truck Salvage TQ Midgets returned for their second visit of 2012 and it was Eric Musto and Nelson Rung on the front row and it was Rung taking the point. Then on lap 2, Rung’s teammate and defending track champion Camden Barber taking over the lead with last week’s feature winner Dean McConnaughy giving chase to the third generation driver from Bliss. McConnaughy was running second but felt pressure from Kyle Hutchinson and Andy Jankowiak just past the halfway mark of the feature event. Hutchinson passed McConnaughy with five laps to go and as McConnaughy was battling Andy Jankowiak for third, contact was made and McConnaughy flipped several times down the front straightaway. McConnaughy was alert and climbed out of his Holland Southtown Tire machine under his own power. With the McConnaughy flip, that set up a three lap dash for the cash with Barber leading Hutchinson, Wayne Turnbull, Nelson Rung and Vinnie Christiano Jr running in the top five. Camden Barber was able to hang on for the win by just a nerf bar over Kyle Hutchinson. Wayne Turnbull came home in third and he was followed to the line by Vinnie Christiano Jr and Nelson Rung.

The NASCAR Hornets took the track with Jeff Szafraniec and Kyle Skoney led the field for their 30 lap feature event with Szafraniec taking off leaving where he left off after Opening Day. Lap traffic played a factor early in the event as Chris Powers was able to reel in Szafraniec and was looking for the lead just before the halfway mark of the event. Slight contact was made with the leaders as Powers in his The Well Bar and Grille, Dagofast Fabrication number 17 was able to straighten out continuing to put pressure on the race leader Szafraniec. Powers was able to take the lead away but lost the lead just as fast as he lost the lead but with 10 laps remaining Powers took the lead for good from Szafraniec. Bob Marzec slowed the field down on lap 20 as he lost power in his Marzec Construction, Ricotta’s Pizza and Subs number 47 setting up a 10 lap shootout as Powers and Szafraniec led Tony Carbone and Bill Lutz for the restart. The yellow lights would come back on just two laps later as Louis Carbone hit the turn three Armco barrier. Jeff Szafraniec had issues in his Pizza Express 83 on the lap 22 restart and that allowed Powers to pull away from the field. Powers then had Bill Lutz and his cousin Dylan Carbone to contend with in the final laps but it was Chris Powers able to claim his first victory of the season and second of his young career. Bill Lutz came home in second followed by Dylan Carbone, Samantha Lutz and Tony Carbone rounding out the top five.

The M&M U Pull-It Figure 8 cars made their appearance on the Figure 8 course and it was David Warrior and Butcher Palmer leading the field with Palmer out to the early lead. Bill Lutz took over the lead on lap two and was leading until he and Jack Warrior came together at the “X” and Lutz suffered major front end damage to his Mancuso Designs number 11. With Lutz going off on the hook, it was “Bob the Builder” Bob Marzec and Butcher Palmer leading the field with Marzec leading defending champion Jason Adams and the front two made contact and Adams crossed the line first but was docked two spots for rough riding, giving the win to Butcher Palmer. It was Palmer’s first career feature win at Holland in his 20 years of racing. Bob Marzec finished second and he was followed to the line by Jack Warrior and Jason Adams.

The Cup Lite Series returned for its second straight appearance at Holland as it was Mark Hoch and Jeremy Ratajczyk leading the field with Hoch getting out to the early lead. David Warrior suffered front end problems after hitting the front straightaway wall on the first lap. Three former track champions were leading the field of Cup Lites as Hoch was leading Neal Dietz Jr and Shane Riffel as Riffel passed Dietz in the late going but it wasn’t enough as Hoch scored his first victory of the season over Riffel and Dietz.


Tyler George performed the National Anthems while the US ARMY presented our Nations Colors during pre-race ceremonies. Brian Chaffin won the Corporate Challenge event for the WNY Heroes. The pass the helmet was also collected during the intermission for the non for profit WNY Heroes. “Earthquake” Jake Vernon won his first career open-wheeled qualifying event in the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds. Shawn Nye and Jonathan Reid had problems during their qualifying events for the Casey’s TQ Midget Series as Nye had motor issues in his qualifying event while Reid had contact with the turn one wall forcing him to miss the feature action driving his number 9 for car owner Harry Macy.

Holland will be back in action on Saturday June 2nd as it is Rupp Overhead Door, USG, Farm Bureau Night presented by the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Agency. The Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Agency will present the first extra distance race of the season for the McClurg Auto Group Late Models as they will be racing in a 50 lap feature event. The Getzoni Insurance Pro Modifieds, Bank of Holland Chargers, M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s, the NASCAR 4 Cylinder Hornets, Casey’s TQ Midget Series and the Cup Lites will all be in action. The first Saturday in June will also feature the running of the Faster Pastor Race as area ministers will take to the highbanks in speedway provided 4 Cylinders. The Faster Pastor will take place at 6:00pm with NASCAR Racing to follow at 7:05pm. Pit Gates will open at 3:30pm with grandstand gates opening at 4:45pm with Qualifying beginning at 5:00pm.


Getzoni Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds: ANDY JANKOWIAK (Started 6th), Jake Vernon (7th), Jeff Ruddy (1st), Owen Bendasz (9th), Dave Catalano (4th), Tommy Catalano (8th), Joe Carbone (2nd), Joe Evans (3rd), Don King Jr (5th), Eddie Hawkins (10th), Mark Hoch (11th), Ed Schueler (12th)
Qualifying Winners: Jake Vernon, Dave Catalano

McClurg Auto Group Late Models: ELDON KING III (Started 3rd), Brandon Glover (5th), Mike Ticco (4th), JD Roberts (2nd), Corey Glover (7th), Kris Hamann (8th), Nick Crassi (6th), Josh Hathaway (1st), Jason Gwin (DNS)
Qualifying Winner: Eldon King Jr

Bank of Holland Chargers: JIM LOFFREDO (Started 4th), Kris Hamann (11th), Jerry Kosmowski (13th), Eric Brown (12th), Tom Northem (7th), Rich Carnes (5th), Ted Welshans (8th), Joe Fetzer (6th), Marty Hughes (14th), Dave Wilson (10th), Jason Adams (15th), Mike Weston (3rd), Ben Harms (1st), Shawn Lafferty (2nd), Zach Myers (9th – DQ)
Qualifying Winners: Tom Northem, Shawn Lafferty

NASCAR Hornets: CHRIS POWERS (Started 5th), Bill Lutz (12th), Dylan Carbone (11th), Samantha Lutz (10th), Tony Carbone (6th). Ben Russo (7th), John Blinston (4th), Kyle Skoney (2nd), Jeff Szafraniec (1st), Jack Warrior (15th), David Warrior (9th), Jennifer Termer (14th), Grant Hill (18th), Waylon Price (19th), Louis Carbone (8th), Josh Hill (17th), Justine Zink (16th), Bob Marzec (3rd), Tim Boyce (13th)
Qualifying Winners: Louis Carbone, Chris Powers

Casey’s TQ Midget Series: CAMDEN BARBER (Started 4th), Kyle Hutchinson (7th), Wayne Turnbull (9th), Vinnie Christiano Jr (6th), Nelson Rung (2nd), Hayden Newcomb (8th), Arik McGruder (5th), Andy Nye (14th), Shawn Nye (13th), Andy Jankowiak (12th), Charlie DiRosa (10th), Gordie Steffan (11th), Brad Knapp (15th), Scott Gleed (16th), Dean McConnaughy (3rd), Eric Musto (1st), Jonathan Reid (DNS)
Qualifying Winners: Camden Barber, Dean McConnaughy

M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s: DONALD “BUTCHER” PALMER (Started 2nd), Bob Marzec (4th), Jack Warrior (3rd), Jason Adams (6th), Bill Lutz (5th), David Warrior (1st)

Cup Lites: MARK HOCH (Started 1st), Shane Riffel (4th), Neal Dietz Jr (3rd), Jeremy Ratajczyk (2nd), Glen Absolom (5th), David Warrior (6th)
Qualifying Winner: Shane Riffel