Joe Evans Wins First Holland Pro Mod Feature Since 2010

July 26, 2012 at 2:16 PM

Farm Bureau Night, Emergency Services Night and the Annual Faster Pastor Race all highlighted the Saturday night program at the Holland Motorsports Complex under a bright sunny day in the hills of Southern Erie County. Eldon King III of Freedom, NY crossed the line first in the McClurg Auto Group Late Models 50 lap special but that race is unofficial until a technical review is completed. Joe Evans from Holland, NY picked up his first win of the season in the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds while Jim Loffredo from Orchard Park, NY won his second Bank of Holland Charger feature. Louis Carbone of West Seneca won his first career Hornet feature while Dave Wollaber from North Tonawanda won his second Casey’s TQ Midget feature. Bob Marzec of South Wales won the M&M U Pull it Figure 8 car main.

The McClurg Auto Group Late Models had a 50 lap “Shootout Style” special presented by the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Agency. The Shootout Style drew a pill that had a specific lap on it. That lap would represent how many laps the Late Models raced in the first segment. Then the whole field was inverted for the remaining distance.

Josh Hathaway and JD Roberts led the field of Late Models to the green flag and it was Hathaway out to the early lead. Hathaway would lead until lap number six as defending track champion Eldon King III would move up from his fifth starting spot and took command of the field of the first segment. Brandon Glover would work on Roberts for third and would complete the pass on lap 10 and was beginning to chase down Nick Crassi and King. King would lead Crassi until the end of the first segment.

For the second segment, the whole field was inverted and Hathaway and Mike Ticco led the field to the green flag with Ticco getting out to the lead. Roberts tried to look underneath Corey Glover for second but Eldon King III was there ready to move back up through the field. A late race spin by Nick Crassi bunched the field up for a four lap shootout and King went to the outside and passed Ticco for the lead and went on to what appeared to be his fourth win of the season. After the initial finding by Holland officials of the eight (8) inch section, the L.A.M.O.T. Board has concluded that both cars of Eldon King and Brandon Glover are in violation of the stated rules resulting in disqualification.

The mother and son duo of Amy and Tommy Catalano led the field of Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Pro Modifieds to the green flag for their 30 lap feature event and it was Tommy Catalano leading the opening circuit. Owen Bednasz went to the outside and challenged the defending track and New York State NASCAR Champion Amy Catalano and Bednasz would clear Amy for the second spot on lap three. Amy would try to get back around the young Bednasz but the teenage phenoms would show the veterans how to get it done around the Holland 3/8th’s highbanks. On lap 11, Bednasz would finally clear the Catalano family to take over the lead with Joe Evans passing the Catalanos for second and Andy Jankowiak was able to work around them for third. With 14 laps in the books, Evans would take over the top spot and Don King would get around Tommy Catalano to take over fourth place. Andy Jankowiak would take over second from Bednasz on lap 16 and began to chase down Evans. Jankowiak would try the bottom of the speedway to get around Evans but was unsuccessful. Jankowiak’s teammate Don King would move into third and began his chase of the race leaders. Evans would hold off Jankowiak for the win for his first win at the Highbanks since August 14, 2010. Don King, Owen Bednasz, and Tommy Catalano would complete the top five.

Ken Maltby and Jason Adams led the field of Bank of Holland Chargers to the green flag for their feature event and it was Adams out to the early race lead on the back stretch on the opening go around. Kris Hamann and Jim Loffredo and the “Mad Man” Marty Hughes were able to pass Maltby early on. “The lo-risk Racer” Jim Loffredo went underneath Adams to take the lead on lap six. 2011 Hornet Champion Eric Brown was able to move up through the field from his seventh starting spot and moved into third by lap ten. Current points leader Dave Wilson Jr was able to get around Hamann to take over fourth when starter Doug Carnes gave out his halfway signal. Eric Brown continued to move up through the field and was able to pass Adams for second on lap 20 and Adams was pressured by Wilson for third place with nine laps remaining. Wilson would get the better hand of Adams for third with seven laps remaining. Two time and defending divisional champion Jim Loffredo was able to pick up his second Bank of Holland Chargers win of the season. Eric Brown would finish second and he was followed to the line by Dave Wilson Jr., Jason Adams and Marty Hughes. Heat winner Nelson Rung and Jim Fleischman led the field of Casey’s TQ Midgets to the green flag and it was Rung out to the early race lead. Rung and Fleischman got hooked together and came to a stop in turn number three. Andy Nye and Vinnie Christiano Jr would lead the field back to the green flag and it was Nye out to the race lead. With Nye leading the way, third generation driver Camden Barber and Dave Wollaber worked their way up through the field and began to put pressure on the race leader. Wollaber would use the outside to get around both Barber and Nye to take over the lead on lap number 11. Wollaber would walk away from the field to pick up the checkered flag. Camden Barber finished second and he was followed to the line by Kyle Hutchinson, Andy Nye and Jamie Collard. Joe Mastrocicco III and David Warrior led the field of Hornets to the green flag for their 30 lap feature event and it was Warrior out to the early race lad. Mastrocicco took the lead out of turn two on lap three but the lead only lasted to the start finish line as Louis Carbone took the lead to complete the third circuit. Ben Russo started ninth and quickly reeled in race leader Carbone and was able to pass the Dago Fast Fabrication, Vic’s Auto Service number 3 on lap 13. Russo tried to weave through lap traffic on lap 19 but Carbone was able to capitalize and take over the lead. Louis Carbone was able hold off the hard charging Ben Russo to claim his first career NASCAR Hornet feature event in a caution free event. Ben Russo would finish second and he was followed to the line by current points leader Chris Powers, Jeff Szafraniec and Bill Lutz completed the top five. David Warrior and Bill Lutz led the field of M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s to the green flag and Lutz had the lead when the field got onto the figure 8 course for the first time. Bob Marzec tried everything in his power to try to chase him down as was defending champion and current points leader Jason Adams. Marzec and Lutz went side by side for a full lap and and Marzec took over the lead and hung on for the win.

Pastor Tim Lindsay from the Harvest Christian Fellowship edged out Keith Clark from Springville Crossing for the victory in the 10th annual Faster Pastor race. Jesse Field from Fellowship Wesleyan picked up the checkered flag over Danielle Herbeck from Lighthouse Baptist in the Youth race. Over a dozen participants took part in the annual event.


Wayne Turnbull’s sons Jared and Kent were both on hand driving TQ Midgets just one week after their father Wayne was involved in a violent wreck on the back straightaway. A card was signed by all the competitors to send to Wayne who is still recovering at an area hospital. Jason Adams won his first career 8 cylinder heat event as he won his Bank of Holland Charger qualifier.

Holland returns to action next Saturday night July 28th as it is Kwik Fill Night at the Races. Stop by your neighborhood Kwik Fill locations and pick up your FREE tickets to the Saturday July 28th racing action. A full card of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series featuring the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds, McClurg Auto Group Late Models, Bank of Holland Chargers, M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s, Casey’s TQ Midget Series and the 4 Cylinder Hornets will be on the highbanks.

Pit gates will swing open at 1:30 pm while the grandstand gates will open at 4:45 pm. Qualifying will begin promptly at 5:00 pm and NASCAR feature action will be underway at 7:05 pm. A paid practice is available from 2:00 to 4:00 pm with pit gates opening at 1:30 pm.


Getzoni Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds: JOE EVANS (Started 6), Andy Jankowiak (10), Don King (3), Owen Bednasz (4), Tommy Catalano (2), Amy Catalano (1), Dave Catalano (7), Joe Carbone (5), Jake Vernon (8) and Ed Schueler (10)
Qualifying Winner: Tommy Catalano

McClurg Auto Group Late Models:

  • Race One: Nick Crassi (3), JD Roberts (2), Corey Glover (4), Mike Ticco (6), Josh Hathaway, and Jason Gwin (8). Disqualified: Eldon King III, Brandon Glover.
    Qualifying Winner: JD Roberts
  • Race Two: Mike Ticco, JD Roberts, Corey Glover, Nick Crassi, Jason Gwin, and Joshua Hathaway. Disqaulified: Eldon King III, Brandon Glover. 

Bank of Holland Chargers: JIM LOFFREDO (Started 3rd), Dave Wilson Jr (6), Jason Adams (2), Marty Hughes (5), Jerry Kosmowski (11), Kris Hamann (4), Tom Northem (9), Shawn Lafferty (8), Rich Carnes (10), Ken Maltby (1), Mike Weston (14), Anthony Kelley (12), Don Sitarski (13).
Qualifying Winners: Jim Loffredo, Jason Adams

NASCAR Hornets: LOUIS CARBONE (Started 12), Ben Russo (9), Chris Powers (15), Jeff Szafraniec (13), Bill Lutz (14), Bob Marzec (10), Samantha Lutz (16), Tony Carbone (11), David Warrior (2), John Blinston (7), Timmy Swatsworth (4), Joe Mastrocicco III (1), Waylon Price (18), Jennifer Termer (8), Jerry Toms (6), Kyle Skoney (19), Destiny Koningisor (17), Grant Hill (3), Justine Zink (20), and Tim Boyce (5)
Qualifying Winners: Samantha Lutz, Ben Russo

Casey’s TQ Midget Series: DAVE WOLLABER (Started 9), Camden Barber (10), Kyle Hutchinson (7), Andy Nye (3), Jamie Collard (11), Shawn Nye (16), Hayden Newcomb (5), Dean McConnaughy (6), Arik McGruder (8), Vinnie Christiano Jr (4), Andy Jankowiak (19), Jared Turnbull (20), Nelson Rung (1), Charlie DiRosa (13), Scott Gleed (17), Cody Mullno (15), Gordie Steffan (14), Kent Turnbull (12), Jim Fleischman (2), and Jonathan Reid (18)
Qualifying Winners: Nelson Rung, Jamie Collard

M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s: BOB MARZEC (Started 6), Bill Lutz (2), Jason Adams (7), Dale McCool (8), Butch Palmer, Kyle Skoney (5), Joe Mastrocicco (4) and David Warrior.