August 24 Winners

August 26, 2013 at 1:08 PM

George Skora III from Eden, NY was victorious in the Getzoni Agency NASCAR Pro Modifieds on Pizza Hut, Duplicating Consultants, 97 Rock, UPS and American Red Cross Night at the races on a gorgeous Saturday evening in the Holland hills. Other winners included are Eldon King in the McClurg Auto Group Late Models and Dave Wollaber from North Tonawanda, NY took home the victory for the NYPAMA TQ Midgets. Chris Powers from Orchard Park, NY took home his second straight Hornets victory and the “Dice Man” Bill Lutz from Buffalo, NY won the M&M U Pull It- Figure 8 car victory. Terry Weldy was victorious in the first visit of the season for the Street Stocks. The Bank of Holland Chargers finish in under official review.


Jimmy Zacharias and “Downtown” Jeffrey Brown led the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Agency NASCAR Pro Modifieds to the green flag for their main event with Zacharias taking the lead in the Moose Rutherford owned number 77. With Zacharias pacing the field, Amy and Dave Catalano moved into second and third respectively. On lap five, George Skora III raced passed Dave Catalano to move into third and less than five laps later, passed Amy for the runner up spot. The lone caution of the event occurred on lap 13 after a muffler fell onto the speedway. The restart saw Skora pass Zacharias on the outside to take over the lead. Once up front, Skora would pull away from Zacharias as Dave and Amy Catalano continued to battle each other for third. Skora would race his way to the victory and added to his points lead. Jimmy Zacharias would finish in second and was followed to the line by Dave and Amy Catalano and outside pole sitter Jeff Brown.

Josh Hathaway and Dave Whittaker paced the McClurg Auto Group Late Models to the green flag and it was Whittaker taking the advantage as Hathaway bogged-down to the bottom of the speedway. On lap three, Eldon King III made his move after going three wide with Whittaker and Brandon Glover to take over the race lead. With King dominating the field, Dave Whittaker and Brandon Glover put on a great battle for second and on lap 15, Glover attempted to pass Whittaker but “good Ol DW” was up to the challenge. King would cruise to the win over Whittaker and Glover.

Veteran racers Ken Maltby and Zach Myers led the Bank of Holland Chargers to the green flag for their 30 lap feature and it was Maltby getting into the early race lead. With Maltby showing the way, the battle was on for third on back with Rich Carnes working his way through the field. Carnes would move into third place just as Dave Wilson was going after the race lead. Wilson would go underneath Maltby to grab the lead with just six laps remaining. With Wilson’s brakes glowing in the Holland night, Rich Carnes worked his way underneath Maltby and both making contact with each other as the checkered flag flew over the field. The official rundown for the Chargers is under Official Review.

Nate Straus and Terry Weldy led the Street Stocks to the green flag for their feature event with Weldy showing the advantage in the Weber racing number 22. On the second lap, second generation driver Matt Druar raced his way past Straus to move into the runner up spot and started to go after his teammate Weldy, who was driving the car usually campaigned by Heather Weber. With Weldy and Druar controlling the front of the field, Jake Lyon was on the move in his TDH Refrigeration sponsored #29. Lyon moved into third place by lap 10 and started to get closer and closer to the top two cars. Lap traffic almost played a factor late in the going but Weldy was able to hold off Druar to score the victory.

Nelson Rung and Cody Mollnow led the NYPAMA TQ Midgets to the green flag for their 20 lap feature event with Rung showing the way. Vinnie Christiano Jr hit the turn two wall to slow the field down for the first time on lap two. Christiano was able to continue on racing. On the restart it was Rung and Jonathan Reid on the front row and it was Reid taking the advantage and getting the race lead over Kyle Hutchinson, Camden Barber and Dave Wollaber. Hutchinson and Barber went three wide with Nelson Rung as Barber moved into second, Just one lap later, Barber took over the race lead on lap 5. Wollaber would get around Hutchinson for third and quickly passed Hutchinson for second place on lap seven. Meanwhile Shawn Nye and Andy Jankowiak went side by side for several laps for fifth place. Wollaber went to the outside of Barber at the races halfway point and cleared Barber going into turn four to complete lap 11. While the leaders hit lap traffic, Shawn Nye continued his charge to the front as he passed Reid for third. Wollaber would then hold off a hard charging Camden Barber and Shawn Nye to score the victory.

The Palmer family father and son duo of Robert and Donald “Butcher” Palmer were on the front row for the 4 Cylinder Hornets and it was Butcher showing the way. Kenny Hejna took over the race lead on lap two with Chris Powers in second and was followed by the Dice Racing teammates of Jeff Szafraniec and Ben Russo. Powers took over the race lead on lap four and Szafraniec moved into the runner up spot. With Powers showing the way, Ben Russo was able to move into third after getting around early race leader Hejna. Russo was not done yet as passed his teammate Szafraniec for the runner up spot before the races halfway point. Powers would go on to hold off Ben Russo and Kenny Hejna to claim his third Hornet feature of the 2013 season.

Robert Palmer and Waylon Price started on the front row for the M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s and it was Price getting the early advantage. Price had to serve a stop and go penalty and handing the lead to Bill Lutz before the races halfway point. Lutz would then hold off Jason Eck and Kenny Hejna to pick up his first Figure 8 car feature event of the season.

News and Notes

Joe Donlon from Grand Island was victorious in the Road Warriors race for area Highway Superintendents. Amy Catalano, after winning a feature Friday evening at Spencer, had flames erupt from under the hood on her Pro Modified. She was able to make the feature call. Nick Groff won his first career TQ Midget qualifier on the highbanks. Groff’s racer was the same car that Kyle Hutchinson has raced over the past couple of seasons.

Racing returns to the highbanks on Saturday August 31st as it is Budweiser Season Championships presented by Martin Bros. Chevrolet. 50 lap features will be on the card for the Getzoni Agency NASCAR Pro Modifieds, Bank of Holland Chargers and the 4 Cylinder Hornets. The McClurg Auto Group Late Models, M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s, NYPAMA TQ Midgets and the Street Stocks will be in competition as well plus a scheduled appearance by the Cup Lites. Race time on Labor Day Weekend will be at 5:00pm sharp.


Getzoni Nationwide Insurance NASCAR Pro Modifieds: GEORGE SKORA III (Started 3rd ), Jimmy Zacharias (1), Dave Catalano (5), Amy Catalano (4), Jeff Brown (2), TJ Zacharias (8), Mike Ticco (9), Tony Carbone (6), Ed Schueler (11), Chris Clemens (13), Timex Morgan (7), Nick White (12) and Matt Clemens (10)
Qualifying Winners: Jeff Brown, George Skora III

McClurg Auto Group NASCAR Late Models: ELDON KING III (Started 6th), Dave Whittaker (2), Brandon Glover (4), Mike Ticco (5), JD Roberts (3), Josh Hathaway (1) and Sean Dolan (7)
Qualifying Winner: Brandon Glover

Bank of Holland Chargers: (UNOFFICIAL UNTIL OFFICIAL REVIEW – ORDER IS HOW THEY CROSSED THE FINISH LINE) DAVE WILSON JR (Started 6th), Rich Carnes (5), Ken Maltby (1), Zach Myers (2), Tom Northem (4) ,Eric Brown (3), Kris Hamann (7), Tommy Wentland (8), Donnie Aquino (11), Don Sitarski (9) and Jerry Kosmowski (10)
Qualifying Winners: Ken Maltby, Zach Myers

Street Stocks: TERRY WELDY (Started 2nd), Matt Druar (3), Jake Lyon (5), Dave Vona (6), Nate Straus (1), Rich Sharpe (7), Joe Haley (10), Rich Ortwein (4), Rob Pocobello, Gary Bartella (11), Dennis Londos (12), Jeff Whalen (13), Bob Heineman, (8) and Phil McCarthy (14)
Qualifying Winners: Terry Weldy, Matt Druar

NYPAMA TQ Midgets: DAVE WOLLABER, (Started 12th), Camden Barber (10), Shawn Nye (11), Jonathan Reid (5), Andy Jankowiak (8), Kyle Hutchinson (9), Nick Groff (4), Jim Fleischman (7), Brandon Zavarbella (15), Vinnie Christiano Jr (6), Nelson Rung (1), Chad Heywood (3), Andrew Patton (13), Charlie DiRosa (14), Chris Barber (17), Leon Szweda (18), Scott Gleed (16), Kylie McElver (20), Gordie Steffan (21), Sean McNamara (19) and Cody Mollnow (2) Did Not Start: Pat Smith
Qualifying Winners: Chad Heywood, Nick Groff

NASCAR 4 Cylinder Hornets: CHRIS POWERS (Started 9th), Ben Russo (11), Jeff Szafraniec (10), Kenny Hejna (6), Tony Carbone (8), Louis Carbone (7), Josh Hill (5), Michele Maltby (4), George Anthony (13), Waylon Price (12), Robert Palmer (1), Bill Lutz (3), Butcher Palmer (2) and John Blinston (14)
Qualifying Winners: Chris Powers, Jeff Szafraniec

M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s: BILL LUTZ (Started 5th), Jason Eck (3), Kenny Hejna (4), Waylon Price (2), Louis Carbone (6), Robert Palmer (1)