Crashing For a Cause at Holland Speedway

September 10, 2013 at 1:39 PM

angels_of_awareness_logo.jpgOn Saturday September 14th at 6:30 pm the drivers at the 12th annual Holland Speedway fall Crash-A-Rama will be crashing for a cause.

Holland Speedway, Crash-A-Rama, and WKBW’s AM Buffalo hosted by Linda Pellegrino as well as several local companies have teamed up to raise funds for “Angels of Awareness”. Angels of Awareness is a local grass roots foundation dedicated to helping women with ovarian cancer.

Proceeds from this event will go to Angels of Awareness, a foundation started by Andrea and its board members to promote research and advocacy in women’s health care specifically ovarian cancer. The mission of Angels of Awareness is to raise funds for continued research for early diagnosis, community awareness and education and survivorship programs and support groups (for women going through it and for their families). Rather than Andrea re-inventing the wheel she has found organizations to work with: WNY Ovarian Cancer Project, CCS Foundation and the Women’s Health Center of Kaleida Health.

Angels of Awareness foundation was started by Andrea Martinez, here is her story.

Andrea Martinez, a Western New York native was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer last May 2012. In October 2012 she thought that she has fought the disease into remission, but learned that the cancer returned in April 2013 and is currently undergoing chemotherapy again. The diagnosis has both angered and saddened Andrea ‘because no woman should be diagnosed with this dreaded disease at Stage III or IV’; therefore she has decided to do something about it. Andrea has created "Angels of Awareness" to bring more attention to ovarian cancer, research, support groups and especially advocacy for changes in women's health care and diagnostic testing.

“With September being Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, it is a perfect month to continue to raise awareness and to share my experiences as a woman currently fighting the disease for over a year now and to provide hope and inspiration,” stated Martinez. “Having cancer is a continuing education process and I have learned so much as I am going through treatments.”

All women are at risk for ovarian cancer, but older women are more likely to get the disease than younger women. About 90% of women who get ovarian cancer are older than 40 years of age, with the greatest number of cases occurring in women aged 60 years or older. Each year, about 20,000 women in the United States get ovarian cancer. Among women in the United States, ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer and the fifth leading cause of cancer death, after lung and bronchus, breast, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers. Ovarian cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system, but it accounts for only about 3% of all cancers in women. When ovarian cancer is found in its early stages, treatment is most effective.

“Crash-A-Rama, a company based out of the central Florida area has always been a company that has believed in giving back to the communities that we entertain,” said event manager Chuck Rush. “When we heard Andrea’s story and learned more about the Angels of Awareness, we knew we had to get involved to try and help Andrea and the thousands of other women like her.”

With help from the host of WKBW Channel 7’s AM Buffalo Linda Pellegrino, along with former Buffalo Sabres player Danny Gere , other local celebrities and business’s , Crash-A-Rama, Holland Speedway and all the drivers that compete in the night’s crazy events will be raising funds for “Angels of Awareness “ with 100% of those funds going to this organization . Crash-A-Rama is a 3 hour non-stop automotive thrill show that is fun for the entire family. The show consists of several events that combine racing and demolition derby.

Every year the crowd of nearly 5,000 fans cheer all night as over 150 vehicles are totally destroyed in events such as, the school bus figure 8 race, the wild and wacky boat & trailer race, the insane flagpole race, the small car demo derby and more. This year will feature those events and a riding lawn mower demo derby, plus the world famous Jennifer Snyder, AKA Cannon Lady as she is launched from a cannon and flies 100ft through the air. Another addition to this year’s show is Radical Rob the human bomb. Rob puts himself in a box filled with the equivalent of 3 sticks of dynamite and blows himself up.

With all the additions to this years show the fans are sure to be talking about this one all winter. Linda Pellegrino will act a Grand Marshall for the night’s event and will actually be driving a full size school bus in one of the School bus figure 8 races during the show.

For more information on this event or to see how you can get involved, please contact:
Chuck Rush, Crash-A-Rama (Event Mgr.) - Phone: (386) 527-0287
Andrea Martinez, Angels of Awareness (Founder) - Phone: (716) 870-8305