Kyle Hutchinson Wins Jerry Gradl Sr Memorial 50 at Holland; Tommy Catalano wins Pro Mod Main

July 27, 2015 at 11:18 AM

East Aurora, NY’s Kyle Hutchinson out-raced Dave Wollaber to pick up the victory in the Jerry Gradl Sr Memorial Mini Indy 50 for the Jerry Gradl Motors NYPA TQ Midgets at the Holland Motorsports Complex on Kwik Fill Night at the races. Tommy Catalano from Ontario, NY picked up the win the Mid-Season Championship event for the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Agency Pro Modifieds. Eldon King III from Freedom, NY earned his first victory of the season in the Seneca Niagara Casino Late Models. Dave Wilson Jr from Hamburg, NY was credited with the victory in the Bank of Holland Chargers. Timmy Catalano from Ontario, NY earned his second win of the season in the Hornets. Westfield, NY’s Carl Vilardo IV drove on to his first victory of the season for the INEX Legends. DJ Phillips from Angola, NY earned his third consecutive victory for the Future Fours. Jason Adams from Glenwood, NY earned another victory for the M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s.


Charlie DiRosa and Erik Musto led the Jerry Gradl Motors NYPA TQ Midgets to the green flag for the Jerry Gradl Sr Memorial Mini Indy 50 with Erik Musto showing the way. Shawn Nye would pass DiRosa for second and Dave Wollaber would move into third after tenth on the grid. Chris Bauman would spin in turn four to bring out the first caution on lap five. Nye would take over the lead off the restart with Wollaber in second and Jonathan Reid moving into third place. Andy Nye and Kyle Hutchinson worked their way through the field to round out the top five by the races 1/5th mark. Hutchinson would continue his trek towards the front of the field as he got around Andy Nye to take over fourth place. AJ Hessler hit the turn two wall to bring out the second caution of the event on lap 14. The restart saw Shawn Nye still in the lead with Wollaber in second and Kyle Hutchinson would move into third place. Nye would continue to show the way over Wollaber with Hutchinson challenging Wollaber for second with Reid and Andy Nye rounding out the top five at the lap 25 mid-way break. The mid-race restart saw Hutchinson look underneath Nye to take over the lead with Wollaber, and Reid right behind the lead duo. Reid would pass Wollaber with 20 to go to take over third place. Shawn Nye would get back around Hutchinson to regain the lead with 17 laps remaining. Nye and Hutchinson would battle for the lead for much of the main event. Erik Musto would come to a stop in turn four to bring out the caution on lap 39. The restart would see Nye and Hutchinson continue their battle for the lead and at the same time, Reid and Wollaber would battle for third. Hutchinson would go underneath Nye to regain the lead on lap 45. Reid would go past Nye and went after Hutchinson for the lead. Reid would spin in turn two to bring out the caution, setting up a green-white-checkered finish. Nye would head to the pits to change a flat tire and was able to rejoin the field for the late race restart. Hutchinson would be able to hold off Wollaber to score the win, his second win of the season. Andy Nye would cross the line in third and was followed by Nick Groff, and Owen Bednasz would complete the top five.

Alan Bookmiller and Bobby Martin shared the front row for the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Agency NASCAR Pro Modifieds feature event with Bookmiller in the lead with Amy Catalano and Jimmy Zacharias moving into the top three. Catalano would go to the outside of Bookmiller and would take over the race lead and Zacharias would pass Bookmiller to take over second. Catalano and Zacharias would be joined by Mike Fiebelkorn Jr and the top three would battle for the lead. Zacharias would poke his nose in front of Catalano but Catalano would answer all of his challenges, making it a great side by side battle for the lead. As the lead trio started to pull away, Tommy Catalano would real in Fiebelkorn and would challenge for third place. Tommy Catalano would clear Fiebelkorn for third on lap 14 and would go after his mom Amy and Zacharias who went back and forth swapping the lead. While the leaders hit the rear of the field, Zacharias would clear Amy for the lead. Amy would regain the lead with nine laps to go. Tommy Catalano would get around Zacharias to take over second. Cody Jackson would spin in turn two to bring out the caution on lap 30, setting up a five lap shootout. Tommy Catalano would out-race his mom to take over the lead on the restart. Tommy would pull away from his mom to score his fourth win of the season.



Eldon King III and Eric Brown led the Seneca Niagara Late Models to the green flag with King taking the lead off the drop of the green. Brown, Brandon Glover, Josh Hathaway and Nick Crassi would battle for the runner up spot as King would pull away. Brown would finally clear the battle as Glover and Crassi would move into third and fourth place respectively. Glover and Brown would go side by side for second and Glover would complete the pass to take over second with five laps remaining. Eldon King III would have a full-straightaway advantage over the rest of the field and would drive on to score the victory. King’s victory would make the fifth different winner this season in the division.

Trevor Pettit took full advantage of the pole position as he took the lead early in the feature event for the Bank of Holland Chargers. Pettit continued to set the pace as Dave Wilson Jr, Jim Loffredo, Ken Maltby and Tom Northem all drove up through the field and would pull away from the rest of the field. Pettit would hold off constant pressure from Wilson throughout the event. Jim Loffredo and Ken Maltby put on a battle for the ages for third place as the lead duo of Pettit and Wilson continued to pullaway from the rest of the field. Pettit would appear to go on to his first career win but was found to be illegal in post-race tech, handing the win to Wilson, his first of the season.

Butcher Palmer took the early lead in the Hornet feature event. John Blinston would hit the rear end of the Michael Parent racer as the leaders entered lap traffic to bring out the races first caution on lap five. The restart would see Butcher Palmer and George Anthony setting the pace; Anthony would take over the lead. Timmy Catalano would take the lead prior to the halfway point after passing Anthony and Palmer. Ben Russo would move up through the field to take over second place and would begin to catch Catalano. Catalano was able to drive away to his second Holland win of the season.

Carl Vilardo IV and Matt Mead led the field of INEX Legends to the green flag for their feature event and it was Vilardo jumping into the early lead as Anthony Riforgiato would take over second from Mead. As Vilardo opened up his lead, Riforgiato was being challenged by Mead and Mead would regain the runner up spot from Riforgiato. The leaders would hit lap traffic by the races mid-way point. Vilardo would drive on to the victory on the highbanks.

Nikki Maltby took advantage of her second starting position to take off into the early race lead in the main event for the Future Fours. DJ Phillips would take over the lead on lap three after going underneath Maltby. Phillips would open up his advantage over the rest of field and would go on to collect his third consecutive win.

Jason Adams and Shane Toms ran the feature event for the M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s. Adams and Toms went side by side and Adams was able to return to victory lane after picking up the win.

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Jerry Gradl Motors NYPA TQ Midgets: KYLE HUTCHINSON (Started 9th), Dave Wollaber (10), Andy Nye (7), Nick Groff (3), Owen Bednasz (12), Jonathan Reid (8), Charlie DiRosa (1), Vinnie Christiano Jr (14), Shawn Nye (5), Chris Bauman (4), Arik McGruder (6), Chad Heywood (11), Sean McNamara (15), Pat Smith (17), Erik Musto (2), Andy Patton (16), AJ Hessler (13)

Qualifying Winners: Shawn Nye, Jonathan Reid

Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Agency NASCAR Pro Modifieds: TOMMY CATALANO (Started 6th), Amy Catalano (3), Mike Fiebelkorn Jr (4), Jimmy Zacharias (5), George Skora III (7), Randy Jazembeck (10), Bobby Martin (2), Bob Wilson Jr (11), Alan Bookmiller (1), Cody Jackson (8), Tommy Rought (12), Jeff Ruddy (9), John Bookmiller (13)

Qualifying Winners: Tommy Catalano, Jimmy Zacharias

Seneca Niagara Casino Late Models: ELDON KING III (Started 1st), Brandon Glover (4), Eric Brown (2),  Nick Crassi (6), Josh Hathaway (3), Bill Osborn (5), Ron Richter (7)

Qualifying Winner: Eldon King III

Bank of Holland NASCAR Chargers: DAVE WILSON JR (Started 5th), Jim Loffredo (3), Ken Maltby (7), Tom Northem (8), Eric Brown (9), Dave Vona (10), Don Sitarski (1), Kris Hamann (4), Kenny Hejna (15), Jerry Kosmowski (12), Ashley Kirchberger (11), Chris Handley (14), Max Northem (13), Tommy Wentland (6), Matt Welshans (16) Disqualified: Trevor Pettit (2)

Qualifying Winners: Trevor Pettit, Dave Wilson Jr

Hornets: TIMMY CATALANO (Started 10th), Ben Russo (9), Bob Bogner (7), Josh Hill (5), George Anthony (6), Jeff Szafraniec (13), Michele Maltby (11), Alex Deshaies (3), Butcher Palmer (4), Bob Palmer (8), Joe Mastrocicco III (1), Kathie Ricketson (2), John Blinston (12), Michael Parent II (14)

Qualifying Winners: George Anthony, Bob Bogner

INEX Legends: CARL VILARDO IV (Started 1st), Matt Mead (2), Anthony Riforgiato (3), Brad Salatino (7), Robin Jongen (8), Mick Peterson (4), Kevin Bertelone (10), Josh Marchese (11), Tyler McArdle (6), Josh Stark (9), Miranda Lynch (12), Brandon DeBrakeleer (5), Owen Bednasz (13)

Qualifying Winners: Carl Vilardo IV, Matt Mead

Future 4’s: DJ PHILLIPS (Started 3rd), Nikki Maltby (2), Travis Murphy (1), Connor Brown (4)

Qualifying Winner: DJ Phillips

M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s: JASON ADAMS (Started 2nd), Shane Toms (1) Did Not Start: Joe Mastrocicco