August 01, 2016 at 7:51 PM

HOLLAND, New York (July 30, 2016) – Orchard Park, NY’s Patrick Emerling continued his dominance in open-wheeled competition throughout Western New York in 2016 as he won his second Perpetual Trophy after capturing the 17th edition of the George Decker Memorial for the Pro Modifieds presented by Towne Automotive and the Boston Deli at Holland International Speedway on Saturday night. Ontario, NY’s Tommy Catalano was victorious in the second running of the Jerry Gradl Sr Memorial Mini Indy 50 for the NYPA TQ Midgets. “Crazy T” Tom Northem from Alden, NY picked up his second win of the season in the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Agency NASCAR Pro Chargers. Louis Carbone from Buffalo, NY picked up the victory in the Bank of Holland Hornets, his first of the season. Carl Vilardo IV from Westfield, NY scored his third win of the season for the Advance Auto Parts INEX Legends. Darryl Phillips from Angola, NY took home the victory in the Rookie 4’s for his second win of the season and South Wales, NY’s Jim Steins took home the victory in the  M&M U Pull It Figure 8’s.


“Holland is my favorite track and my driving style fits this track really well” stated Emerling in victory lane. We have a really good car and it was hooked up to the track tonight” Emerling continued. “The track came to us and we were able to get the run on Totten for the lead and were able to hang on to it” Emerling added.

Second place finisher Kirk Totten said “the car got away from us late.” “We had a good car and it is a good finish for us with this new car, it was only our first race with it this year so finishing second is a good feat for us”. “I can’t thank Paul Graff enough for the opportunity to drive the car” stated third place finisher Neal Dietz Jr.

Brandon Glover who was starting in his first career Pro Modified event and Kevin Miller brought the field to the green flag for the George Decker Memorial Pro Modified 75 and it was Miller showing the way early on. Kirk Totten took over second with Eddie Hawkins taking over third. The races first caution came out on lap seven as Jake Vernon and Scott Stolzenberg came together in turn three. Both drivers’ nights were done early and ended with a ride to the tow truck. The restart on lap 10 saw Miller and Totten on the front row with Totten pulling away with TJ Potrzebowski and Patrick Emerling working their way into the top four. Jeff Ruddy spun on the back straightaway to bring out the caution with 13 laps complete. On the restart, Totten, Miller, Emerling, Potrzebowski and Tommy Catalano raced in the top five. Emerling passed Miller to take over second as Catalano moved into fourth. Neal Dietz passed Hawkins to take over sixth with Hossfeld moving to seventh. Emerling and Totten battled for the lead and Emerling would take the lead with 46 to go. Miller and Catalano would catch second place runner Kirk Totten at halfway. Tony Carbone spun in turn two to bring out the caution on lap 38 with half of the race distance completed. During a mid-race caution period, TJ Potrzebowski went pitside with the assistance of the tow truck. On the lap 43 restart, it was Emerling with Totten, Miller, Hossfeld and Catalano the top five. Emerling pulled away with 30 remaining with Totten in second and the battle for third started to heat up with Miller and Hossfeld. Hossfeld took over third and Miller touched Hossfeld, sending “the Hotshoe” spinning down the backstretch to bring out the caution. Tommy Catalano suffered a flat right front tire and went pitside to get the tire changed. At the time, Catalano was running in third place. Emerling took off in the lead on the restart with Totten, Neal Dietz and Brandon Glover running in the top four with Amy Catalano completing the top five. Emerling pulled away in the late stages to pick up the win. Totten, Dietz, Brandon Glover and Amy Catalano completed the top five. A field of 22 open-wheeled Pro Modifieds signed in pitside for the event.

Scott Gleed and Sean McNamara set the front row for the Jerry Gradl Sr Memorial Mini Indy 50 for the NYPA TQ Midgets and off the start, a multi-car pileup occurred on the front stretch that involved Greg Richardson, Kent Turnbull, Kyle Hutchinson, Arik McGruder and Chuck Kowalske all got involved. All drivers climbed out under their own power. The restart of the race would see Andy and Shawn Nye take off into the top two spots with Erik Musto and Dave Wollaber moving into the top four. Wollaber would take third away from Musto on lap three and then just one lap later, would pass Shawn Nye for second and then took the lead away from Andy Nye on lap six. Tommy Catalano passed Musto to take fourth place away on lap ten and began his assault on third place runner Shawn Nye. Andy Nye would catch race leader Wollaber on lap 15, but Wollaber would keep the lead as the field hit lap traffic. Catalano would continue his march towards the front as he passed Shawn Nye to take over third place on lap 18. Erik Musto came to a stop after blowing up the engine on lap 19. On the restart, Wollaber, A. Nye, Catalano, S. Nye and Vinnie Christiano Jr running in the top five with Wollaber showing the way. Andy Nye would catch Wollaber for the lead on several occasions but Wollaber would lead the field to the lap 25 halfway refueling break. During the break, race leader Wollaber went into the pit area. Off the lap 25 refueling break, Andy Nye and Tommy Catalano set the front row with Wollaber charging from the back of the field. Andy Nye took off with Catalano, Shawn Nye, Vinnie Christiano Jr and Chad Heywood racing in the top five. Catalano looked underneath race leader Andy Nye for the lead but Nye would keep the lead.  With Nye and Catalano battling for the lead, this allowed Shawn Nye to close in on the lead duo. Wollaber worked his way back into the top five after his pit visit in just six laps. Tommy Catalano took the lead on lap 32 with Andy and Shawn Nye running in second and third with Dave Wollaber passing teammate Christiano Jr to take over fourth place. Wollaber would continue to march up through the field as he passed Shawn Nye for third place with 10 laps remaining. Wollaber would catch Andy Nye and would take over second with three laps remaining. Catalano pulled away from Wollaber and Nye to score his first career NYPA TQ Midget win on the Holland highbanks.

Rich Carnes took off into the lead on the start of the 30 lap feature for the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Agency NASCAR Pro Chargers. Josh Hathaway took over second with Tim Welshans, and Jim Mallaber running in fourth early on. Carnes would take the lead off the restart with Hathaway challenging for the lead. Jim Mallaber moved  into third with Zach Myers and Tim Welshans running in the top five. Hathaway and Carnes would battle for the lead for several circuits until Carnes got loose and went up the hill and collected Mark Hoch in turn two to bring out the caution just past the halfway mark. Josh Hathaway would take the lead away off the restart. Max Northem and Jim Mallaber and Nik Welshans came together in turns one and two to bring out the caution with ten laps to go. Northem was alert and climbed out the car under his own power. On the restart, Northem would take the lead away from Hathaway with Dave Vona and Mark Hoch raced in the top four. Hoch challenged Vona for the third spot for much of the second half of the race and in the end, it was Northem picking up the victory over Hathaway, Hoch, Vona and Rich Carnes.

Louis Carbone jumped into the lead early on in the Bank of Holland Hornet feature event. Bob Palmer took over second and Ben Russo took third away early on. Russo would take second away from Palmer on lap five and began to chase down Carbone, who had a full straightaway lead over the field. The leaders would hit heavy lap traffic with eight laps remaining, letting Russo gain ground on race leader Louis Carbone. George Anthony took third away from Palmer with five laps to go as Szafraniec would take over fourth. Szafraniec passed Anthony for third with three laps to go. Russo caught Carbone but Carbone was able to hold on to score the victory.

Bryce Norton led from the drop of the green flag for the 25 lap feature event for the Advance Auto Parts INEX Legends. Carl Vilardo ran second with Brandon DeBrakeleer moved into third at the end of the first scored lap. Nick Reff came to a stop on the back straightaway to bring out the races first caution on lap three. Vilardo would take the lead away off the restart as DeBrakeleer would challenge Norton and Vilardo for the lead. Vilardo would clear Norton back for the lead with seven laps completed. DeBrakeleer would take over second on lap ten. Anthony Gullo spun in turn four, just as DeBrakeleer would take the lead away from Vilardo with five laps remaining. DeBrakeleer would take the lead off the restart but Vilardo would be able to score the victory over DeBrakeleer.

Brian Erler and Anton Anderson III led the Rookie 4’s to the green flag for their 12 lap feature event and it was Erler showing the way. Darryl Phillips took over the lead at the end of lap two with Anderson taking over second. Dale Lombardo took third away and then the lead trio challenged for the lead for several circuits. Lombardo’s strong run came to an end after having contact with the front stretch wall. Phillips would be scored as the winner with Tyler Pastorious taking second with Erler finishing in third.

Jim Steins took off in the M&M U Pull-It Figure 8 cars feature event. Sharon Hughes and Don Haskell battled for second for several circuits but Hughes would be able to hold him off. Steins would go on to score the win, his fourth in the last five races.

NEWS AND NOTES: 2015 NASCAR Late Model track champion Brandon Glover made his first career start in a Pro Modified during the George Decker Memorial 75. Neal Dietz Jr won the McCool Paint Workz Best Appearing Car Award for the George Decker Memorial. Shawn Nye and TJ Potrzebowski received certificates from Sherwood Racing Wheels.  Brandon Glover was the Rookie of the Race, as was TJ Drennan. The Hard Luck award went to Jake Vernon and Scott Stolzenberg. Shawn Nye was the hard charger of the race.

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RACE REPORT: 7-30-16

GEORGE DECKER MEMORIAL PRO MODIFIED 75: PATRICK EMERLING (Started 8th), Kirk Totten (3), Neal Dietz Jr (13), Brandon Glover (1), Amy Catalano (15), Matt Druar (4), Eddie Hawkins (5), Patti Pruitt (9), Kevin Miller (2), Shawn Nye (22), Tommy Catalano (12), Dick Kluth (16), Dean Kroll (18), TJ Drennan (14), Jeff Ruddy (19), Tony Carbone (11), Chuck Hossfeld (10), TJ Potrzebowski (6), Mike Fiebelkorn Jr (21), Tony Hanbury (7), Jake Vernon (17), Scott Stolzenberg (20)

Qualifying Winners: Chuck Hossfeld, Patti Pruitt, Patrick Emerling

NYPA TQ MIDGETS: TOMMY CATALANO (Started 8th), Dave Wollaber (9), Andy Nye (3), Shawn Nye (5), Vinnie Christiano Jr (11), Chad Haywood (6), Charlie DiRosa (4), AJ Hessler (13), Sean McNamara (2), Scott Gleed (1), Vinnie Christiano III (15), Pat Smith (17), Gordie Steffan (19), Erik Musto (7), Kent Turnbull (12), Kyle Hutchinson (10), Arik McGruder (14), Chuck Kowalske (16),  Greg Richardson (18), Did Not Start: Jeff Patton

Qualifying Winners: Kyle Hutchinson, Dave Wollaber

GETZONI NATIONWIDE INSURANCE NASCAR PRO CHARGERS FEATURE: TOM NORTHEM (Started 11th), Josh Hathaway (4), Mark Hoch (10), Dave Vona (9), Rich Carnes (2), Zach Myers (8), Nik Welshans (7), Ted Welshans (3), Tim Welshans (6), Chris Handley (1), Jim Mallaber (5), Max Northem (12)

Qualifying Winners: Ted Welshans, Mark Hoch

BANK OF HOLLAND HORNETS: LOUIS CARBONE (Started 1st), Ben Russo (8), Jeff Szafraniec (14), George Anthony (12), Kathie Ricketson (13), Bob Palmer (6), Jason Anasiewicz (16), Bob Bogner (11), Jason Adams (9), Don Haskell (7), Mandie Orr (4), Michele Maltby (17), Butcher Palmer (10), Adam Killingbeck (2), Marty Hughes (5), Kenny Hejna (15), Nikki Maltby (3)

Qualifying Winners: Louis Carbone, Jeff Szafraniec

ADVANCE AUTO PARTS INEX LEGENDS: CARL VILARDO IV (Started 4th), Brandon DeBrakeleer (5), Bryce Norton (2), Keith Youngs (11th), Kyle Youngs (9), Mick Peterson (7), Josh Marchese (1), Anthony Riforgiato (3), Fabian Welter (16), Brad Salatino (10), Mike Gettliffe (8), Robin Jongen (14), Lars McElravy (6), Mike Bollen (12), Anthony Gullo (15), Nick Reff (17), Willy Howells (13)

Qualifying Winners: Carl Vilardo IV, Anthony Riforgiato

NASCAR ROOKIE 4’s: DARRYL PHILLIPS (Started 5th), Tyler Pastorious (3), Brian Erler (1), Dale Lombardo (4), Anton Anderson III (2)

Qualifying Winner: Anton Anderson III

M&M U PULL-IT FIGURE 8’S: JIM STEINS (Started 3rd), Sharon Hughes (5), Don Haskell (4), Tyler Pastorious (2), Marty Hughes (1)



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